1MM @ SXSW: The Coathangers Dismantle Beauty Bar, Matias Aguayo Closes the Night at Emo’s Jr., and More from Friday in Austin

Photos by Aaron Richter

self-titled maindude Andrew Parks promised his art director that if he took some rad photos, he wouldn’t have to actually write anything at SXSW. So in lieu of any over-analytic write-ups, here are some Friday photos of Harlem and Japandroids (at the Levi’s Fader Fort), So Cow and The Coathangers (absolutely owning it at Beauty Bar’s Panache showcase), BRAHMS (at the Billboard yard) and Matias Aguayo (sealing the night for the dancing crowd at Emo’s Jr).



[So Cow]

[The Coathangers]


[Matias Aguayo]

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