1MM: Thursday Revisit ‘Full Collapse’ At Bowery Ballroom, Make Us Feel, Um, 20 Again

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Words and Photos by Andrew Parks

Remember when emo–well, emocore–wasn’t post-punk’s reigning punchline? We do. The year was 2001 and Thursday’s Full Collapse had just come out, bridging the gap between Lifetime, the Cure, Quicksand and At the Drive-In. For someone who grew up in Buffalo’s hardcore scene (i.e. us), it was a revelatory record. Melodramatic, yes, but melancholic and moody in a manner that makes perfect sense to a college kid who’s a sucker for anything minor-keyed.

Now that the album’s nearly a decade old and we’re pushing 30–just like most of Thursday’s members–it may seem strange/slightly pathetic to revisit songs that are essentially meant for teenagers. Yet that’s exactly what we all did on Sunday night, as New Brunswick’s reigning basement show heroes played Full Collapse from start to finish. We’ll let the photos speak for themselves…