Animal Collective Announce Their Next Limited Keep Shoe, A Pair of “Guerra” Hi-Tops From Deakin

Pre-order a pair here now, and receive a cassette of unreleased Animal Collective music in return. Keeping in line with Avey Tare’s “Tobin” slip-on and the rest of the Keep + Animal Collective collection, all of the proceeds from Deakin’s design will go to the Socorro Island Conservation fund, a non-profit that helps preserve the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California.

“I realized that many of my friends are unaware of what is down there,” Deakin said in a press release, referring to his experience as a scuba diver. “Telling friends how psyched I was to have seen blue fin tuna, I also realized that though they have eaten blue fin, [most people] have no idea what tuna look like. I thought it would be cool to represent tuna in some way that I thought looked sweet and would want to wear.”

That sweet look is reflected in “an embroidered accent influenced by the handicraft of Central American molas [and] featuring a natural gum sole, black canvas upper, navy laces and a fish & wave motif.” Check out more shots after the jump…