As If “Jennifer’s Body” Wasn’t Getting Slammed Enough, Courtney Love’s Pissed At Diablo Cody For Not Giving Hole Props In the Press

It’s been a hot minute since we last posted a This Week In Twitter roundup. We’ll resume that regularly scheduled program on Friday. Until then, here’s one of the reasons we haven’t been compiling updates from our favorite artists in the past couple months: Courtney Love‘s too damn distracting, filling our TweetDeck feed with her rants and raves about, well, we’re never quite sure.

Not usually, at least. One recent exception was last night, as Love suddenly went on and on about the lack of Hole references in Diablo Cody’s recent interviews. Here’s where it all started…

“10Cents!” aside, Love doesn’t appear to be pissed about the paltry fee she was offered for a Live Through This nod and a “Violet”-hued soundtrack selection in a roughly-reviewed B-movie.  Love simply wants to be, err, loved. Or as she explained it to us in real-time (the beginning of all this nonsense is on the bottom, as you would read it on Twitter’s site):

Hey, it could be worse. (Yep, Billy Corgan’s quickly becoming Billy Graham.)