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Theo Parrish

!K7 Shares a Short Doc
On Theo Parrish’s
Detroit Forward Mix

When Theo Parrish sat down to curate and sequence his contribution to !K7’s iconic DJ-Kicks series, he treated its 19 tracks as a fully invested survey of the city that’s as much a part of him as music itself. “Detroit creates, but rarely imitates,” Parrish says in his track notes, “Why? We hear and see […]

Kasper Bjørke Makes
Us an Ambient Mix

Words + Mix KASPER BJØRKE On my new Quartet album Mother, I included choir arrangements on two of the six compositions (performed by the female performance duo Philip | Schneider). I decided to include one of these (“Abiogenesis”) as the opening track of this mix. Then I remembered “A Study in Vastness” by Ana Roxanne […]

Deru Makes Us a
Piano-Driven Mix

Words BENJAMIN WYNN Photography SETTTA STUDIO The process of writing my new record (We Will Live On) for a digitally-controlled analog piano brought up some themes: Humans embedding themselves in electronics. Machines living past us, failing. The world without us. Why? Watching a piano play my music ‘by itself’ is a somewhat magical and surreal […]

Ron Trent Walks Us
Through What Inspired
His New WARM Project

When our editor spoke to Ron Trent for a Bandcamp feature over the summer, the deep-house developer surprised us by saying his looming What do the stars say to you LP was more than just another solo outlet or expansion of his evolutionary sound. It’s actually the beginning of a proper band that’s been in […]

Benoit & Sergio Compile
‘Askance Dance’ Playlist

Words + Playlist BENOIT & SERGIO This is a playlist of songs we were listening to, and thinking about, as we made our album Lost Decade. There is an “askance dance” quality to most of the items here — the hint of a bubbling acid house bassline that has been acid-washed by the acid rain […]

Vincenzo Ramaglia
Unveils Alva Noto Remix

Vincenzo Ramaglia has brought his La parole LP back to life with a welcome remix from glitch demigod Alva Noto. Have a listen below, right alongside Ramaglia’s thoughts on the track and several other selections that may or may not land on a proper remix album in the coming months…. I am excited to recognize […]
Scanner & Kenneth James Gibson

Kenneth James Gibson
Taps Scanner For Tense
Groundskeeping Remix

Kenneth James Gibson has revealed his plans for releasing a proper remix album towards the tail end of 2022 on Meadows Heavy Recorders. While the cabin-dwelling composer is reluctant to reveal who’s involved until the record’s entirely turned in, let’s just say he’s got more than a few like-minded experimental musicians lined up to transform […]

BON and Akiko Haruna
On the Songs That Shaped
Their First Sight EP

If there’s one theme uniting First Sight — the first proper EP from Akiko Haruna and the London-based production duo BON — it’s the not-so-foreign or far-off idea of sentient, robotic beings falling in love. To bring the project’s sonic and subterranean ideas closer to the surface, we thought we’d ask Haruna, Yerosha Windrich and […]

Aaron Turner
and Jon Mueller
Share New Video,
Favorite Records

“The energy of the performance was very intense,” drummer Jon Mueller says of the set that inspired his new LP with SUMAC frontman Aaron Turner. “[It was] like something could blow at any moment. I woke up wanting to create that, and somehow I think we did.” Due out September 16th through American Dreams, Now […]

Ben Vida & Lea Bertucci
Interview Each Other

Having recently heard that Ben Vida and Lea Bertucci‘s first collection of improv-heavy compositions (Murmurations) has opened the door to further collaborations as a duo, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask how everything came together and what’s lurking just over the horizon for the two mind-bending multi-instrumentalists. Here’s what they had to say when […]

Bogdan Raczynski Leads Us
Down a Rabbit Hole of
Random YouTube Videos

Words BOGDAN RACZYNSKI You asked for 10 videos, so I’m going to give you nine because I’m a professional asshole, and assholes make the rules. Talking about music is like discussing poetry — awkward, pretentious, and 100% subjective. So instead, let’s talk about one of my other burning passions: language. Watch this video about a polyglot […]

T. Gowdy Makes Us a
Floatation Device Mix

Words + Mix T. GOWDY Music affects my mood and I like it that way. When the world is just too much, I want escape into another world — to feel like I’m flying, lost in dark club, driving effortlessly on the highway, or floating in water. The latter of which I decided to express […]

Executioner’s Mask
Share the Stories Behind
Their Winterlong Album

With a bleak and strangely beautiful sound inspired by everything from JG Ballard to Mike Tyson, Winterlong is the most fully realized Executioner’s Mask record yet, a listen as chilly and sealed off from the outside world as a late summer air conditioner. In the following exclusive, singer Jay Gambit describes the album in detail […]

Death Bells Shares
Van Music Playlist,
“Hysteria” Video

Photo KRISTOPHER KIRK “It was one of those moments where the tune just figured itself out,” Death Bells says of their “Hysteria” single, which drops through Dais today. “It feels urgent, immediate and honest, and we’re very proud of it.” The tightly wound track was actually one of the last songs Will Canning and Remy Veselis […]

Spencer Zahn
Makes Us a Mixtape
Inspired By Kingston Move

Like many of us, Spencer Zahn moved in the middle of the pandemic, leaving a bigger city (his longtime home Brooklyn) behind for one that’s more than 100 times smaller, population wise (Kingston, NY). He didn’t just set up shop and hide from his new neighbors either; the bassist/composer met as many people as he […]

Black Dice’s Rough
Guide to Black Dice

Photo DAN HOUGLAND Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. This week’s entry is another special Bandcamp Friday edition, featuring longtime s/t favs Black Dice. If you want to truly understand where longtime […]

Eydís Evensen Shares a
Seasonal Piano Day Playlist

Photography SAGA SIG Seeing as how winter hasn’t quite loosened its grip just yet, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Piano Day than to point out the ivory-tinged Frost EP Eydís Evensen has on deck through XXIM Records next week. “It’s such a hard thing to go through — this darkness,” the composer/pianist […]

Cold Beat Unveil the
Vinyl Edition of
War Garden

The only good thing about the seemingly endless backlog at pressing pants is the second life some LPs have experienced when their fancy vinyl edition finally dropped. Here’s one we wholeheartedly endorse as the week begins to wind down: War Garden, the latest synth-laced, steam-pressed LP from the San Francisco band Cold Beat. A pandemic […]

Tom Rogerson Shares the
Stories Behind His Solo
Debut, Retreat to Bliss

Photo MATT JOLLY “All my life, the piano has been my constant companion, my confessor, my best friend, and my worst enemy,” says UK composer Tom Rogerson. “I’ve always written music on and for the piano, but it felt too personal, too private to release.” That changes this Friday, when Rogerson unveils his first proper […]

Marina Abramović Narrates
Sound of Ceres’ New Album

Sound of Ceres have lined up quite a crucial collaborator for their new album Emerald Sea: contemporary art icon Marina Abramović. Turns out she’s quite a fan of their cosmic sound — has been since a Brooklyn show in 2017 — and was eager to narrate key passages of their LP. “My attraction to Sound […]

Zeid Hamdan
Shares a Spare
Tinariwen Remix

As Tinariwen get ready to release long-awaited reissues of their early records Amassakoul and The Radio Tisdas Sessions, the Grammy-winning groove riders have unveiled an exclusive Zeid Hamdan remix. Check out the Lebanese producer’s spare, snake-like rendition of “Alkhar Dessouf” below, along with a little commentary on his creative process and bonus material from both remastered […]

Tool Walks Target Center
Through Fear Inoculum

Photography + Words ANDREW PARKS It’s hard to imagine anyone batting an eye at Lollapalooza today, but back in the early ’90s, Perry Farrell’s play thing was considered a rough-around-the-edges rebuke to sanitized pop songs — 120 Minutes served with a side of circus freaks and septum piercings. Things took a turn in 1996, however. […]

Vanessa Wagner
Tackles a Tense
Caroline Shaw Track

Vanessa Wagner has revealed the latest single from her looming album Study of the Invisible (InFiné Music, March 25th): “Gustave Le Grey,” a prickly Caroline Shaw piece that lurks and leaps in the shadows for nearly 15 minutes. Here’s what the French pianist had to say about it and several other Study of the Invisible […]

Zimoun Lends
Hour-Long Pieces to
Guitar Studies Set

Room40 has announced a special book/CD celebrating the sound work of Swiss artist Zimoun. Namely the ones that revolve around riffs. Due out May 6th, Guitar Studies I-III features three experimental pieces that hover around the 60-minute mark. Since the compositions are too long to fit onto one CD, they’re available in full digitally and in tightly […]

Brainwaltzera Gets
Personal on ‘ITSAME’

As impersonal as IDM (intelligent dance music? really?) is on paper, its reluctant section within dance shops has long starred artists as moody and melancholic as a more far-more-straightforward singer-songwriter. Case in point: the ever-elusive Brainwaltzera. While he’s remained more anonymous than most since his self-released Marzipan EP, the itinerant producer immediately struck a chord […]

James Heather Unveils
Latest Piano-Led Single

Photo ÖZGE CÖNE Like most of us, James Heather has been through a lot over the past few years — enough to send him searching for greater meaning within music itself. Namely the piano-led pieces that ripple through his new record Invisible Forces, a heady listen that’s bound to help recalibrate all of us when […]

QRTR Shares Restless
Daedelus Remix

Fresh off its 10th anniversary festivities last fall, Dome of Doom has linked two of its top artists up for a total pass-the-baton track. Streaming exclusively below and dropping on major DSPs tomorrow, the Daedelus remix of “Nossa” takes the QRTR production in a twitchy new direction that builds on the strengths of both parties […]

Hot Chip Reveal
Nina Simone Remix

Photo JACK ROBINSON Verve has unveiled the latest exclusive remix from its upcoming Nina Simone compilation Feeling Good. Streaming below, along with a previously released pounder from Robert Hood’s family matters project Floorplan, “Be My Husband” is run through the mid-tempo ringer by perennial s/t fav Hot Chip, who appear to now be ranking high […]

Resina Shares the
Songs That Shaped
Her Speechless Album

Photography PAWEL ZANIO Good luck trying to wrap your head around Speechless (130701), the spellbound album Resina quietly released at the tail end of 2021. While it’s rooted in classical music, there’s something truly alien about most of her tracks — a ripple in the space-time continuum that’ll rattle your sense of what’s truly going […]

Frankie Rose On…
Sustainable Hours

Words FRANKIE ROSE There were a few records that I listened to this year on repeat. Most of it was very ambient type of stuff for whatever reason. I’m really in love with the Sustainable Hours record by Nozomu Motsumoto. It was originally made as soundtrack for an art installation and I adore it. It’s extremely […]

Eluvium On…
Playing Piano For Dad

Words MATTHEW COOPER Playing Piano For Dad (Tasty Morsels) was released digitally in 2016, but a small vinyl pressing finally arrived in 2021. The album was a go-to listen for me for a bit. It’s simple and direct in its title; nonetheless I think what was particularly enjoyable for me was the indirectness of the […]

MJ Guider On…
Don’t Get It Twisted

Don’t Get It Twisted by Delores Galore Words MELISSA GUION Music and I had an uneasy year together. The things I was most personally drawn to reflected much of what was in the air: heaviness, frustration, anger, anxiety. There are a handful of records that came out of that attraction that I really loved, and […]

Richard Pike On… Pool

ITLP09 – Pool by Skee Mask Words RICHARD PIKE Pool (Ilian Tape, 2021) was a welcome surprise — a huge record out of the blue at a time when I was rediscovering techno and beat-based music. It is a lot of things at once: meticulous and intricate, but also chaotic, exploratory. Expansive experimental ambient and […]

Niagara On…
The Mask of the
Imperial Family

The Mask Of The Imperial Family by Yasuo Sugibayashi Words NIAGARA Yasuo Sugibayashi’s music is always a rediscovery, and this year it happened again with a special kind of force. Hard to remember given its complexity, and hard to place given its uncompromising character, The Mask of the Imperial Family (Mimic Records, 1981) will always […]

Ian Chang On… Son

Son by Rosie Lowe & Duval Timothy Words IAN CHANG One release that I had on repeat this year is Son (Carrying Colour) by Rosie Lowe and Duval Timothy. Like many others, I spent most of 2021 at home, and this album was a peaceful and meditative companion to being in an enclosed private space. […]

Teen Daze On…
Enter The Zenmenn

Enter The Zenmenn by The Zenmenn Words JAMISON ISAAK 2021 was a surprisingly good year for music, or at least music that seemed to be geared directly for me. While this year saw some vast improvements on humanity’s general way of life, I still feel like we’re all in search of a bit of comfort, […]

††† (Crosses) Cover
the Q Lazzarus Classic
“Goodbye Horses”

††† (Crosses) have shared an early Christmas gift for all the Far and Deftones heads out there. Streaming in full below alongside last year’s “The Beginning of the End” single, “Goodbye Horses” is a spot-on cover of the Q Lazzarus classic many of you may remember from Silence of the Lambs. While details are still slim […]

Princess Century Presents
Her ‘Flying Dreamer’ Mix

Words + Mix MAYA POSTEPSKI I like listening to music on airplanes because I don?t like the white noise from the engines, the announcements, other people, etc. I like to go on a ride into my own little bubble while looking out the window at the clouds, and I often begin to make little dreams […]

Kevin Whelan On…
The Songs That Shaped
Aeon Station’s Debut Album

Photography EBRU YILDIZ “It’s the best I’ve done and may ever do frankly,” Kevin Whelan says when asked about Observatory, his debut album under the name Aeon Station. “It’s written over such a long period of my life. Music I did in the past was tinged with expectations or presumptions, but this time, it was […]

Christopher Bono’s
Rough Guide to Laraaji

Words CHRISTOPHER BONO I first heard Laraaji‘s music the day after I first met Laraaji. I sat down for lunch at Ananda Ashram, where I was taking a Nada Yoga Sitar workshop with the late sitar master Roop Verma, and serendipitously happened to sit across from Laraaji and his wonderful musical partner Arji OceAnanda. I had no idea […]

Roedelius & Story Reveal
Harold Budd Tribute

Photography EMILY RAMHARTER Roedelius & Story — the new piano-led project from longtime friends / collaborators Tim Story and Hans-Joachim Roedelius — have unveiled the second official single from their Erased Tapes debut 4 Hands. Streaming exclusively below, “Haru” is a melancholic tribute to fellow composer Harold Budd, who passed away a year ago today […]

Leo Abrahams Makes Us a
Mixtape of Playful Music

Words LEO ABRAHAMS The Morton Feldman piece that closes this playlist is his final work. Whereas his early pieces allowed for a degree of improvisation, by the end of his life he was writing fully notated music. Yet his method retained an improvisatory aspect — albeit on the part of composer rather than performer. He […]

Chris Liebing On…
10 Essential Mute Tracks

Photo EDITH BERGFORS Words CHRIS LIEBING Releasing music on my all-time favorite label Mute is definitely one of the biggest thrills of my lifetime. No other label has inspired, formed, and solidified my taste as much as it has. This is why picking “10 essential Mute tracks” is a nearly impossible task; many bands that […]

Boris Sign to Sacred Bones,
Announce New Album W

Photo YOSHIHIRO MORI Boris have announced their debut LP for Sacred Bones, the first to feature guitarist Wata on lead vocals since 2011’s Attention Please album. Due out January 21st, W is the spiritual successor to last year’s NO LP (NO + W = NOW), leaning into a largely melodic sound that dabbles in everything from noise to New Age. […]

Christina Giannone Opens a
Portal Into Our Soul, Psyche

Christina Giannone has announced her debut record for Room40, a widescreen sound world in the spirit of last month’s Glazed Vision LP. Due out January 28th, Zone 7 is deep listening that doubles as an escape route out of this dimension — a way of reaching inner realms we rarely glimpse without ever leaving your […]

Tobias. Unveils His
Unsettling Ambient
Album Hall ov Fame

Photo STEFAN FREUND Now that Concentric Records has gotten their mission statement out of the way (three distinct compilations — Colliding Wind, Profile of the Lines, and Radiant — that delve into vastly different definitions of “ambient music”), the Berlin-based imprint is finally ready to unveil their first proper full-length. And what a wild journey Hall ov Fame is, […]

The Black Dog Share the Shots That Inspired Music For Photographers

Music For Photographers isn’t the first ambient album The Black Dog have made — we’re particularly partial to the Eno retort Music For Real Airports — but it’s certainly one of their most cinematic efforts. To call it the soundtrack to an imaginary film would be wildly reductive, but there’s no denying how alive it feels, as […]

Lubelski Explains the
Modular Synth Madness
Behind Happy Accidents

Photo GALEN OAKES While Claude VonStroke has always been partial to the truly progressive house tracks of Lubelski, he certainly didn’t expect the producer to spend most of his LA-based lockdown churning out modular synth clips for Dirtybird’s Twitch channel. As unhinged as the weekly broadcasts were — sometimes for hours at a time — […]

Fragments Editions Readies Limited Renaud Bajeux, Mike Majkowski LPs

Fragments Editions — the book imprint of Hands in the Dark co-founder Morgan Cuinet — has announced its first two vinyl releases. Due out December 10 and 17 respectively, Four Pieces and Seeking a Vision feature solo pieces from composers based in Berlin (double bassist Mike Majkowski) and Paris (sound designer Renaud Bajeux). Both records […]

Marissa Nadler
Breaks Down Her
Entire Discography

Photo NICK FANCHER Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. This week’s entry is a special Bandcamp Friday edition featuring the many phases of Marissa Nadler, who recently unveiled her ninth solo album […]

New Age Doom’s
Guide to “Drone Jazz”

Words NEW AGE DOOM Drone is a primeval and ubiquitous musical concept that’s magnificent in its simplicity. It establishes the base layer for melodic, harmonic and rhythmic exploration and is endemic to genres that emphasize improvisation. Japanese art gives us the concept of ma, which can be loosely translated as “negative space.” Ma is the awareness […]

Marco Shuttle Shares the
Shots That Inspired His
Cobalt Desert Oasis LP

Words MARCO SHUTTLE Photo RICCARDO MALBERTI The best “drawback” of what I do for a living is that it very often (never enough, if you ask me) involves going to many different, beautiful places in this world. Somehow driven by the desire of collecting my visual impressions as much as the auditory ones, making the […]

Sissi Rada Shares Her
Latest Avant-Pop Single

Photography ALKISTIS VOUTS + MELETIS KOROPOULIS “One day I thought of simplicity,” Sissi Rada says of the latest single from her upcoming album Nanodiamond. “And then of trying to subtract — fewer harp strings, only two harmonies, and a sample from an old vinyl with Greek chants from Smyrna.” A beguiling blend of electronic and […]

Alter Ego Readies
Unreleased Recordings
With Matmos and Pan Sonic

Alter Ego has announced two limited Die Schachtel LPs tied to previously unreleased recordings with Matmos and Pan Sonic. Due out November 12th, Microwaves and Pranam – A(Round) Giacinto Scelsi are prime examples of how the Italian ensemble pushed experimental and electroacoustic music past their limits over the course of their two decades together. (Their […]

Clinic Share a Playlist
of Manic Pop Music

Words ADE BLACKBURN Photography SENTINEL The playlist is a compilation of inventive and strange pop music that influenced Clinic’s [new album] Fantasy Island. Growing up, I really admired groups like Fun Boy Three who could get into the charts on their own terms. They still met all the pop criteria, but with far more imagination […]

Make Us a
Genre-Less Mix

Words + Mix SALAMANDA With only two months away from the end of the most eventful and memorable year of 2021, we decided to make a mix that reflects what we felt during these unusual days. It was a year where we spent so much time far from the fresh air and dazzling sunlight, but […]

Paul Haslinger Shares an
Exclusive From the Vinyl
Edition of Exit Ghost II

Photo STEVE GULLICK Paul Haslinger (Neuland, ex-Tangerine Dream) has announced the long overdue vinyl pressing of his last album Exit Ghost II. Due out December 3rd through Artificial Instinct, it’ll make up for months of production delays — its digital edition dropped last June — with an exclusive piano-centric piece that splits the difference between […]

MONO’s Rough
Guide to MONO

Photo DIANA LUNGU Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. This week’s MONO playlist is a prime example of how many life-long musicians would much rather look towards the present — the past […]

Afrodeutsche Finds Calm
Within the Stormy Techno
of Nathan Fake’s Blizzards

Here’s the thing about Blizzards, a record many have regarded as Nathan Fake's very best: as chaotic as its chords are at times, the UK producer never loses sight of the hooks at hand. Not to mention their deeply melodic, inherently human heart. Judging by her nerve-settling remix of the album’s “Cry Me a Blizzard” single, […]

CID RIM Breaks Down
His Songs of Vienna LP

CID RIM may have moved to London soon after his second album (Material) took off, but one thing’s remained in his rearview window ever since: Vienna. More than just a mere hometown, the Austrian capital is where the producer and a couple ride-or-die cohorts (Dorian Concept, The Clonious) brought rap and club music together in […]

James Ginzburg & Ziúr
Unveil Myxomy Project

Photo KASIA ZACHARKO Berlin has a new dream team: myxomy, a.k.a. the avant-pop outlet of James Ginzburg (Emptyset) and Ziúr, which first took hold during some loose file-trading sessions last year. According to a press release from Ginzburg’s Subtext Recordings imprint, the duo’s self-titled debut is due out November 12th and features “a unique mix […]

Liars’ Rough Guide to Liars

Photography CLEMENS HABICHT Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. This week’s piece is particularly fascinating — a deeply personal dive into the ever-elusive discography of Liars, courtesy of its one constant, frontman Angus […]

Wolfgang Voigt Readies
New GAS Record,
Der Lange Marsch

Wolfgang Voigt has announced his first new GAS album since 2018’s sinewy Rausch record. Due out December 3rd through the producer’s Kompakt imprint, Der Lange Marsch (translation: The Long March) is the project’s 10th LP, and third since Voigt brought his most beloved outlet back from the dead with a special New York show and […]

Manu Delago Makes
Sense of the Manic Field
Recordings on Environ Me

Photography SIMON RAINER Considering how ambitious his last album was — the slumberland states of Circadian and its seven-and-a-half-hour (!) Delta Sleep Reworks compilation — it’s no surprise that Manu Delago built Environ Me (One Little Independent) on the back of bold field recordings. Namely the sounds of nature itself. “For many years I’ve been living between urban […]

Brett Naucke Shares
15 of His Favorite
Opening Tracks

Words BRETT NAUCKE Opening tracks often have a certain unique energy in the sequence of an album. When you listen to records over and over, they become a signifier of what to expect, which provides a different type of excitement about the sounds you know are about to come. Here are 15, in no particular […]

Ben Marc Breaks His
Breathe Suite Down

Photography ALEXANDRA WAESPI As Ben Marc gets set to unveil more details about the long-awaited LP (Glass Effect) lurking right around the corner, the multi-talented UK jazz musician has revealed a self-contained record that took on a life of its own last summer. “We wanted to make something meditative to help people through this traumatic […]

Razen Channel Daydreams,
Claustrophobia on Blue Rot

“Some so-called ‘minimal music’ is all boarded up,” says Razen co-founders Brecht Ameel and Kim Delcour. “What we want to do is the contrary: leave everything open, and tap into a maximal sense of receptivity.” The blissed-out multi-instrumentalists are backed by a new band member (serpent player Berlinde Deman) and heady cleanup hitter (Cristal Baschet […]

Midori Hirano Shares the
Stories Behind Her Latest
Solo Album, Soniscope

Photography SYLVIA STEINHÄUSER Midori Hirano's latest solo LP (Soniscope) builds on the bold peaks and valleys of recent solo records for Daisart (Mirrors In Mirrors) and Sonic Pieces (Invisible Island). Striking a perfect middle ground between hushed concert halls and heady clubs, it reflects both her classical background and more than a decade of living […]

Nadja Make Us a Mixtape of
Their (Supposed) Influences

Photography JANINA GALLERT Words + Mix NADJA The need to compare bands in album reviews is understandable; it is a quick way to let people know what you are dealing with musically and sonically. Sometimes these comparisons are spot on…. Sometimes they are weird or unexpected…. Sometimes they are flattering…. Sometimes you have to wonder […]

Anika Breaks Down
Five of Her Favorite
Peel Sessions

Photography SVEN GUTJAHAR Words ANIKA John Peel had a way of coaxing special, intimate performances from people. The curation was just incredible — snapping up acts before their major breaks and before they became too sure of themselves, resulting in vulnerable and risky behaviors. The recording is also top standard: great mixes and great gear, […]

Dot Allison
Shares Her Favorite
Andrew Weatherall Songs

Photo MARIA MOCHNACZ Words DOT ALLISON Andrew has had an immense effect on my musical tastes, and my path in music in terms of my label and me being signed and championed and mentored by him in a very informal way…. He was always sharing music and made me many compilations over the years. He […]

Domingæ Shares the Latest
Video From Her Solo Debut

Photo EBRU YILDIZ Föllakzoid co-founder / filmmaker Domingæ has unveiled the second part of a special audiovisual trilogy she produced around her looming solo LP Æ. Due out digitally through Sacred Bones on September 10th — with a limited vinyl pressing set to drop a month later — the record is rooted in a farmhouse […]

Gordan Fuse Traditional
and Experimental Music
on Morphine Records LP

Photo DENIS LANER Morphine Records has finally revealed its first release of the year: Down in the Meadow, the avant-garde debut of Gordan, a new Berlin-based trio featuring world renowned singer Svetlana Spajić (Antony and the Johnsons, William Basinski, Marina Abramović), multi-instrumentalist Guido Möbius (Shitkatapult, Karaoke Kalk), and drummer Andi Stecher (Orchestre Les Mangelepa, Dean […]

Wing Vilma
Looks Back At
Their Detroit Life
With an Exclusive Mix

Words + Mix WING VILMA Photography SIDD FINCH This July my partner and I packed up our things from Detroit — where we’d been living for the past few years — and moved ourselves and our two cats across the country to Portland, Oregon in our Subaru. For this mix, I pulled tracks from Detroit […]

Steve Moore Turns
Up the Tension In
MirrorBoxx Track

Nervous Curtains frontman Sean Kirkpatrick has tapped Steve Moore for a welcome one-off from his new solo project MirrorBoxx. The pairing makes perfect sense when you consider all the overlaps between Kirkpatrick’s cruise-controlled synthcapades and Moore’s own dimly lit dance music as a solo producer and one-half of the horror score / prog duo Zombi. […]

BON Link Up With
Laraaji On “Aya”

BON have shared the latest single from their looming Pantheon LP, a weightless exchange of sound waves and abstract ideas with ambient pioneer Laraaji. “‘Aya’ was a track that almost wrote itself,” explains Yerosha Windrich and Alex Morris. “We started making these sounds that sounded like the inflight music to a shuttle docking at a […]

Fred und Luna Tap
Peter Kruder, In Flagranti,
Mathew Jonson and More
For Im Remix EP

At the risk of making today sound like Remix Day (see also: this Khruangbin playlist), we’d like to point you towards the newly available Fred und Luna EP Im Remix. Now streaming via Compost Records, it imagines a world where downtempo don Peter Kruder sets the stage for such like-minded left-field producers as Mathew Jonson, […]

Turn the Tables On
Mordechai Remixes

Photography POONEH GHANA Khruangbin has always had a strong connection to DJ culture, from the Thai-funk nod in their name to their string of releases on the largely mix-led UK label LateNightTales. With that in mind, it’s merely been a matter of time before the Houston-based trio would devote an entire record to hand-selected remixes. […]

Lauren Doss Leans Into the
Liminal Space of “Integer”

Photo MARCUS HESSENBERG Here’s something that’ll put your mind at ease as we head into the weekend: Spaciousness 2, Lo Recordings’ latest ambient compilation, has finally dropped across all major DSPs. Just in time for Bandcamp Day, no less. With that in mind, we’re psyched to share an exclusive from the audiovisual artist Lauren Doss […]

Pessimist Unveils
Stigma Alias,
Benefit Album

Pessimist has revealed a new solo outlet that builds on the blunted, urgent beats of his Boreal Massif project with Loop Faction. Due out August 13th through his No Fuss imprint, Too Long is the deeply personal debut of Stigma, a trip-hop take full of “texture, feel and tone.” In an effort to recede into […]

Eluvium Goes the
Lost Highway Route With
His “Virga II” Video

If you’re anything like us (see: our side hustle self | centered), you probably spent the past year searching for ambient music capable of recalibrating the rough patches of the Pandemic Age. One surefire solution was Matthew Cooper’s latest Eluvium LP. While it was technically released just before things the world lost its plot, Virga […]

Camille Rose Garcia Looks
Back At Her Short-Lived
Punk Band The Real Minx

While she’s well-known within the art world for her fantastic paintings and illustrations, there was a time when all Camille Rose Garcia wanted to do was play in a punk band. The Real Minx fit the bill perfectly, setting Garcia, Paula Boldyn, Allie Gottlieb, and Lynn Hobensack off on a mission as informed by The Bangles and […]

Grouper’s Latest
Album Looks Back
At the Past 15 Years

Photo GORDON ASHWORTH Liz Harris has announced her latest Grouper LP, “an album about respite, and the coast, poetically and literally. How we frame ourselves in a landscape, how in turn it frames ourselves; memories and experiences carried forward mapping our connection to place.” Due out October 22nd through her longtime label Kranky, Shade was […]

Show Us the Darker
Side of Italo Disco

Words JOSEPH D. ROWLAND I won’t profess to have loads of cool factoids or massive in-depth knowledge about the history behind any of the cuts I’ve chosen here. Frankly, many of the artists and producers involved in the expansive genre dubbed ‘Italo Disco’ are mostly a mystery to me. Quite a few acts seem to […]

Joy Orbison Announces
First Official Mixtape,
Still Slipping Vol. 1

Photo ROSIE MARKS After more than a decade of sporadic EPs and singles — including his iconic breakthrough “Hyph Mngo” — Joy Orbison has finally unveiled his first proper full-length. And guess what? It’s not quite an album. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Due out August 13th through XL Recordings, still slipping vol.1 […]

Lo Recordings Reveals
Spaciousness Volume 2

Lo Recordings founder Jon Tye (Ocean Moon, Seahawks) has lined up another round of exclusives for his Spaciousness series, including tracks from Suzanne Ciani, Don Slepian, JD Emmanuel, Ariel Kalma, JQ, and Mary Lattimore. Due out August 6th, Spaciousness Volume 2 continues to “explore the connections, the overlaps, the roots, and the future of a […]

Flaty Channels
Generative Art,
Rammellzee’s Graffiti

Photo MASHA DEMIANOVA Flaty has unveiled the first taste of his most ambitious project yet. Streaming exclusively below, “rotation—60” is part of an audiovisual piece the Moscow producer developed in tandem with his new album RAILZ. According to the ANWO STUDIO founder, it was loosely inspired by concepts that are much bigger than the music […]

Xeno & Oaklander
Announce New Album

Xeno & Oaklander have unveiled their first batch of new material since 2019’s Hypnos album. Due out October 22nd through Dais Records, Vi/deo was sparked by secluded pandemic sessions in Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride’s Southern Connecticut studio. According to a press release, “the context of isolation, streaming, and remote dreaming seeped into their chemistry, […]

Sebastian Plano
Shares the Stories
Behind His New Album

Photography MATTHEW THORNE Words SEBASTIAN PLANO In short, Save Me Not (Mercury KX) focuses on the alternate reality I enter when I create, how this world becomes more bearable than the real world, and how I don’t (hypothetically) want to be saved from being lost in that world forever. It was recorded entirely at my […]

Bela Makes Us a Mix of
Korean Folk and Club Music

Guidelines by bela Words BELA This mix is not a proper introduction to the samulnori genre and pungmul culture. I do not represent the reality of any traditional music in South Korea. It’s more than music; it’s a tradition. It’s in your life. For more information on samulnori, I recommend watching the YouTube video I […]

Amen Dunes Shares New
Single With Sleaford Mods

Amen Dunes has unveiled his first sign of life since 2018. Streaming below and available to download via Bandcamp, “Feel Nothing” brings Panoram back into the fold on synths and features a surprise appearance by a relatively subdued Sleaford Mods. According to a press release, the single is Damon McMahon’s Sub Pop debut, heralding the […]

Jana Irmert Makes Us a
Playlist of Pieces That
Feature Field Recordings

Photography CAMILLE BLAKE Jana Irmert celebrates the sheer possibilities of sound on The Soft Bit, an album that’s ambient in the literal sense. Yeah, it’s soothing in certain stretches, but other parts resemble the turning point in a David Lynch film where you either let yourself sink into the scenes or have them take you […]

Lawrence English Turns
Amazon Trip Into an
Immersive New Album

While he’s not exactly new to field recordings, Lawrence English has never wrapped a record quite like A Mirror Holds the Sky before. Due out September 3rd through the producer’s own Room40 imprint, the 36-minute album was actually drawn from more than 50 hours of raw Amazon recordings. Not quite the New Age effort you […]

Mother of Mars
Singer Jaiko Suzuki
Makes Us an Ecstatic Mix

Photo RONNIE ARDEN While she’s now seizing the spotlight in Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi’s post-Rapture project Mother of Mars, Jaiko Suzuki’s roots are in New York City’s underground club scene as both a DJ and dancer. With that in mind, we asked her to ring in the trio’s recent I Hear record with the sort of mix […]

Phil Manley
Makes Us a Mixtape of
His Favorite Guitarists

Photography PETER ELLENBY If anyone knows their way around a riff, it’s Phil Manley — the guitar-toting demigod best known for his barn burners with Trans Am, The Fucking Champs, and Oneida. And now there’s the not-quite-NPR-related Terry Gross. A power trio in every sense of the word, it features Manley (pictured on the far […]

Pinkish Black, Pallbearer
Members Unveil Italo Disco
Project, Information_Age

Photography JOHN DURBIN + ELIZABETH L. CLINE It shouldn’t come as a total surprise considering what Joseph D. Rowland (Pallbearer) and Daron Beck (Pinkish Black) have been up to over the past year — solo synthcapades and Zombi-led soft-rock covers — but the two former tourmates just revealed their first proper Italo-disco project. Due out […]

Misantrop Shares the
Stories Behind Their
Deeply Personal Debut

Photography GEORGE NEBIERIDZE We’ve all been there before. We certainly have, at least — that moment where the night’s about to end (make that early morning, actually) and revelry turns to regret. Nicolai Vesterkær Krog dials right into the before and after of every last detail on their Opal Tapes debut Reproaching the Absurd, an art […]

Concentric Records Unveil
Latest Ambient Comp,
Exclusive HOLOVR Cut

Concentric Records have revealed the final installment of the ambient compilation trilogy they launched last summer. Due out July 9th, Radiant is defined by a couple loose concepts: “radiating rays, reflecting beams of light,” and “vividly bright and shining, glowing marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness.” Contributors include ASWA, Max Loderbauer, Petre […]

James Heather Shares
Piano-Driven Playlist,
Recent Track From
Brainfeeder Session

Photography SUKI Considering how inseparable James Heather and his piano are (see: EP1 and EP2 of his Modulations series on Coldcut’s Ahead of Our Time imprint), we thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask the composer to share 10 songs that also slay on the tickled ivory front. Check out his liner notes below, along with Heather’s solo […]

Pierce With Arrow
Make Us a Moody,
Dream-Like Mix

Photography CORNELIA THONHAUSER As much an art piece as it is an album — an early pressing even included a “limited incense leaf” — Shatter could easily be construed as the spiritual successor to the Louderbach project Troy Pierce pursued about a decade ago with Dais co-founder Gibby Miller. Only this time, Natalia Escobar (aka […]

Matt Christensen Shares
The Latest Single From His
Looming Constant Green LP

Matt Christensen is going country. In spirit, at least. While the dust hasn’t quite settled from last year’s Hold You Up record — the first album from Christensen’s band, Zelienople, since 2015 — the singer/guitarist is already back with a lonesome highway LP “that puts the weight somewhere between Johnny Cash and Slowdive.” Featuring recurring […]

Vassilena Serafimova &
Chloé Ready Sequenza
LP For a Fall Release

Photo ALEXANDRE GUIRKINGER Chloé and Vassilena Serafimova have finally revealed an ETA for their long-awaited Sequenza LP. Due out this fall through the former’s Lumière Noire label, the record is rooted in a recording session for Sourdoreille’s Variations series but the result of several other residencies and countless hours in a proper studio. Good luck finding […]

Tomas Nordmark Cuts a
Crackly Mixtape Inspired By
His New Album Exit Ghosts

Words + Mix TOMAS NORDMARK Photography MARTIN CROSER I recently got my vinyl turntable shipped to me in London after it had collected a significant amount of dust in a storage in Sweden, with the stylus being in a really sad condition. I did however like this gritty sound, as if adding an extra layer of […]

Masayoshi Fujita
Makes Us a Dub Mix

Words + Mix MASAYOSHI FUJITA Photography ÖZGE CÖNE For me, dub means the manipulation of time and space, often with effectors, and the texture it creates. Here are some examples to illustrate my interpretation of dub-ness….. VLADISLAV DELAY – THE FIRST QUARTER It took me a while to digest this song. It was kind of […]

Penelope Trappes Shares
the Stories Behind Her
Stunning New Album

Free Association is a recurring feature that reveals the breakthroughs and roadblocks behind our favorite new records. Kinda like a DVD commentary beamed from a confessional booth. We’re capping the week with the final chapter in Penelope Trappes’ moving trilogy of restorative solo records. (She also works alongside her longtime partner Stephen Hindman in The Golden […]

Sirius Blvck, Oreo Jones &
Sedcairn Archives Break
Down Their 81355 Debut

Photography ANNA POWELL DENTON Free Association is a recurring feature that reveals the breakthroughs and roadblocks behind our favorite new records. Kinda like a DVD commentary beamed from a confessional booth. On deck today: Indianapolis’ own Sirius Blvck, Oreo Jones, and Sedcairn Archives, who take us on a whirlwind tour of their dynamic 81355 debut This Time I’ll […]

GROWING Make Us a Mix,
From Sun Ra to Roedelius

As GROWING’s Songs From the Sky Capsule mixtape begins to wind down, a rarity emerges from the vast Roedelius vaults  and Joe DeNardo points out a parallel that makes perfect sense. “There’s definitely a kinship at least in terms of a rolling, constantly evolving method,” he says. “Is anything ever really finished?” Diptych by GROWING […]

JQ Reveals His Recipe For
Vegan Rice Bowls and a
Private Agenda Remix

I definitely didn’t invent the concept of a rice bowl or anything, but guests always ask for the recipe, so here’s a version that’ll serve about four people. —JQ Salsa Ingredients 6   big tomatoes (beef tomatoes or similar) 1   garlic clove 2   bird’s eye chilies (or 4 larger chilies)      Dash of paprika      Juice of two limes 1   bunch coriander […]

Pan Daijing Shares the
Centerpiece of Jade 玉观音

Photo DZHOVANI More than just a mere quarantine record, Jade 玉观音 (PAN, June 4th) finds Pan Daijing exploring the extremes of her own subconscious after years of increasingly unpredictable performances at such venerable art institutions as the Tate Modern, Martin-Gropius-Bau, and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. As soothing as it is unsettling, the long-awaited […]

Sega Megadrive Mixtape

In case all the Ecco the Dolphin nods in CRYSTAL’s new album (Reflection Overdrive, dropping today on flau) didn’t give the duo’s allegiances away, Ryota Miyake and Sunao Maruyama are major fans of Sega’s Mega Drive system. So much so, in fact, that Miyake was kind enough to share a set of his favorite 16-bit […]

Rainforest Spiritual
Enslavement Recruits
Low Jack For New LP

While it’s not officially Bandcamp Day yet, surprise releases have already started to trickle in largely thanks to our friends overseas. One of the first add-to-cart-able albums we noticed was Flying Fish Ambience, the first Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement record to feature Dominick Fernow (see also: Prurient, Vatican Shadow) right alongside Philippe Hallais (aka Low Jack). […]

Rochelle Jordan
Shares the Stories Behind
Play With the Changes

Photography ANGEL RIVERA Free Association is a recurring feature that reveals the debilitating roadblocks and restorative breakthroughs that went into our favorite new records. Kinda like a DVD commentary track crossed with a confessional booth. This week’s piece zeroes in on the deeply personal album Play With the Changes, the first proper Rochelle Jordan LP […]

Ishmael Ensemble Shares
Latest Visions of Light Single

Photo JAMES KOCH While producer/saxophonist Pete Cunningham is still at the core of Ishmael Ensemble’s idiosyncratic sound these days, the Bristol collective becomes more of a proper band on the first half of this summer’s Visions of Light LP. Due out August 6th through Cunningham’s own Severn Songs imprint, the avant-jazz album taps into the […]

Dauw Readies Second
Wouter van Veldhoven
Retrospective, Shares
Peter Broderick Rework

Dauw has revealed the second volume of its retrospective series around cult Dutch composer Wouter van Veldhoven. Due out tomorrow in a digital edition and limited cassette, Verzamelen II features eight remastered “under the radar” pieces; some have never been heard before, and some are pulled from the self-released experimental records A head stuck in […]

Function Lets His Ego Dissolve On Awakening From the Illusory Self

Photo FRANKIE CASILLO Between Dave Sumner’s decades of widescreen solo work and his role in the dearly missed Sandwell District collective, techno’s never been just about making people move. As many of us know, it’s got a higher purpose than that — tracks as a form of transcendence, something Sumner’s longtime Function alias dove straight […]

Joseph Shabason
Makes Us a Mixtape of
Sax-Heavy Jazz Songs

Words JOSEPH SHABASON I would describe this as a sax-heavy playlist of all the major jazz influences that really shaped my new record (The Fellowship) as well as my general musical outlook. It’s chronological for the most part, so you can hear the progression of musicians and styles that I was exposed to from the […]

Stian Balducci & Kjetil Jerve
Make Us a Jazz Mixtape

Words STIAN BALDUCCI + KJETIL JERVE Photo JAN TORE ERIKSEN “Extended jazz” is a term used to describe a wide variety of musical expressions. It can be either acoustic, electric, electronic, or all three at once, but it best describes a particular musical ethos that’s prevalent in Norway. Starting in the ’60s with George Russell […]

Hyunhye Seo Readies
Solo Debut For Room40

Longtime Xiu Xiu member Hyunhye Seo has revealed her first proper solo record. Due out June 11th through Lawrence English’s Room40 imprint, Strands features two very different tracks. “Strands I” is a dark-ambient descent into total sound design territory — the kind of thing that makes you want to rewatch Mulholland Drive and really figure […]

Manslaughter 777
Make Us a Mixtape of
Rhythm-Centric Music

Photography ZACHARY HARRELL JONES With collaborative roots that reach all the way back to the The Body and Braveyoung’s long out-of-print Nothing Passes LP, it was merely a matter of time before Lee Buford and Zac Jones (see also: MSC) would join forces to make a ripper of an electronic record. First unveiled back in […]

Alex Somers Tackles a
Standout Track From Henrik
Lindstrand’s Piano Trilogy

Photography BELLA HOWARD + ROBIN SKJOLDDBORG As if Alex Somers wasn’t busy enough wrapping two solo records over the past year — Siblings and Siblings 2, his first proper LPs after more than a decade of working alongside Sigur Rós — the producer/composer was keen to recut a cult Henrik Lindstrand classic recently. Streaming exclusively […]

Deft Makes Us a Mix
Featuring Brockhampton,
Jimmy Edgar, and More

Photography SILVIA DRAZ Having recently launched his own B4 Music label with a cutting-edge Lewis James collab (Teleporter), Yip Wong continues to elude any easy been-there-done-that descriptions with his Deft project. To help put the London producer’s ever-evolving past, present, and future in perspective, we asked Wong to send over an exclusive Needle Exchange set, […]

Warp Reveals
Seefeel Reissues,
Rare Autechre Remix

Warp has unveiled a special reissue campaign focused on the mid-’90s phase of Seefeel. Due out May 14th in CD and digital editions, Rupt + Flex pairs expanded versions of the group’s long-out-of-print Succour and (Ch-Vox) LPs with an EP compilation simply titled St / Fr / Sp. The latter is particularly enticing, as it features […]

Sebastian Plano
Shares the Latest Single
From His Save Me Not LP

Building on his classical background and the boundless peaks and valleys of last fall’s sprawling & LP — a collaboration with fellow cellist Maarten Vos — Save Me Not finds Sebastian Plano in top form as a solo performer. Using nothing but his voice, piano, and cello, no less, with electronic loops kept to the bare minimum of a nearly […]

LABOUR Make Us a Mix
of Sublime Music, From
Stockhausen to SOPHIE

Words + Mix LABOUR For this self-titled mix, Colin Hacklander and Farahnaz Hatam (aka LABOUR) focus on notions of the sublime within various musical traditions both historical and contemporary. The sublime is an awareness and experience of a liminal space, one that opens-up in the transition from the rational and known to that which is […]

Rough Guide to

Photo EMIEL EFDÉE Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. On deck today: Rutger Zuydervelt, better known as Machinefabriek. The Dutch producer dropped one of his most daring projects yet earlier this week, […]

Jas Shaw Readies the
Second Part of His
Sollbruchstelle Trilogy

Jas Shaw has barely taken a breather in the nearly three years since the last Simian Mobile Disco LP (the compelling Deep Throat Choir duet Murmurations). Aside from cutting album-length collaborations with fellow producers Gold Panda (On Reflection) and Bas Grossfeldt (Klavier), Shaw launched a 12-part solo outlet series (excerpted in the compilation Exquisite Cops) […]

Squarepusher Embraces
His Experimental Jazz Side
On GoGo Penguin Remix

GoGo Penguin have shared the latest single from their upcoming remix album GGP/RMX. Streaming exclusively below, “F Major Pixie” is taken in a fitting jazz-fusion direction by the one-and-only Squarepusher. Building upon the producer’s background as a bassist — beginning with a Metallica-inspired thrash-metal band, no less! — it’s both a fresh riff on the […]

Lushlife Goes the Free-Jazz
Route On Exclusive Mix

Words + Mix RAJESH HALDAR With nowhere to DJ for the moment, it was nice to have an opportunity to make an espresso and sit in my studio one morning and put down this set. Lushlife DJ sets are usually pretty well rehearsed; I definitely come from that school of ’90s hip-hop mixtape DJs that […]

Allie Crow Buckley
Makes Us a Mixtape
Of Celestial Jams

Photography NASTASSIA BRÜCKIN As Allie Crow Buckley gets set to drop her dream weaver debut (Moonlit and Devious) this Friday, we thought we’d ask the singer-songwriter to share a playlist that connects the dots between her classical background and love of everything from mythology to poetry. “So much of the record was inspired by my travels […]

Dylan Henner’s
Rough Guide
To Terry Riley

Words DYLAN HENNER I was lucky to have a musically supportive childhood. My mum has sung in choirs for my whole life, and even when I was very young showed me music by Steve Reich and Philip Glass. I came to know Terry Riley’s music in real detail when I took music classes in school. […]

Tomaga Share Latest Single
From Their Final Album

Photo HANNAH CARVALHO As #BandcampFriday kicks into high gear once again, we’d like to point out one worthwhile pre-order. Due out March 26th through Hands In The Dark, Intimate Immensity is the final broadcast of the London-based left-field duo Tomaga. In a blow to both the label and bandmate Valentina Magaletti — not to mention the […]

Plankton Wat Makes Us a
Kosmische Mixtape For
Transcendental Hikers

Words + Photos DEWEY MAHOOD One of the most truly wonderful things about the Portland, Oregon region is the abundance of incredible scenic beauty. In all directions are lush forests, rivers and lakes, waterfalls, the Columbia River gorge, and best of all, the Oregon coast. The city itself has several great hikes and the two I […]

Grave Flowers Bongo Band
Cover a Psych-Rock Classic

Grave Flowers Bongo Band have shared the latest single from their Ty Segall-produced album Strength of Spring (Castle Face Records, April 30th). Wailing its way across your speakers in a VHS-style Slim Reaper video, “Down Man” is actually a nod to the gnarly debut of Amsterdam’s own prog, blues, and psych architects Brainbox. Here’s what […]

Myd’s Top 9
French Touch Tracks
That Aren’t Daft Punk

Photography ALICE MOITIÉ Now that NPR’s shared the definitive tribute to Daft Punk, we’d like to shift the conversation to more important matters: remembering the seminal French Touch singles lurking just beyond Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter’s larger-than-life universe. To put that short-lived scene in perspective, we reached out to rising Ed Banger recruit Myd. The […]

Frederik Valentin Makes
Us a Mixtape of Danish
Psych, Prog, and Folk

As promised earlier this month, Frederik Valentin has cut a crucial mix for our Needle Exchange series. Building upon the bold, deeply personal direction of his two recent Posh Isolation EPs (0011000, 0011001) it’s a mind-expanding set of Danish psych, prog, and folk from the ’60s and ’70s — the kind of thing you’d expect […]

Clark Shares a String-Laced
Folk Song From His
Playground In A Lake LP

Photo EVA VERMANDEL As impossible to pin down as Clark has been over the past 20 years, he’s never made an album quite like Playground In A Lake. Due out through the classical imprint Deutsche Grammophon on March 26th, it’s a stone-cold stunner featuring mood-altering melodies and a stacked cast of guest musicians, including a […]

Anina & Guest Ready
Style Trilogy Mixtapes

Noods Radio has tapped Anina and guest for its latest proper mixtape. Make that three mixtapes, actually. Due out March 3rd, the Style Trilogy is a look back at the special jungle series the duo recorded through remote sessions last year. Here’s what heads can expect from each set, according to a press release: Style […]

Mother of Mars
Announce Debut Album,
Recruit Singer Jaiko Suzuki

Photo RONNIE ARDEN Longtime The Rapture bandmates Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi have revealed their first proper Mother of Mars LP. Due out March 5th through Ransom Note, I Hear brings underground DJ / drummer Jaiko Suzuki (Electroputas, The Crystal Ark) Jaiko Suzuki into the fold full-time as the trio’s windswept lead singer. Mother of […]

Ivan Zoloto Makes
Us a Massive Playlist of
Songs For Drinking Alone

To help set the scene of his most widescreen work yet, Ivan Zoloto shares a particularly intense passage from Canadian writer Miriam Toews: I drive around the perimeter of the city like a dog marking its territory, over bridges and under bridges, the way I used to stalk the edges of my small hometown. This […]

Adrian Sherwood Unveils
Another Outtake From
New Age Steppers Box Set

Photo KISHI YAMAMOTO Adrian Sherwood has shared the second official single from Avant Gardening, a collection of outtakes and rarities from his New Age Steppers collective with the one-and-only Ari Up. Streaming exclusively on this very site, “Some Dub” is an echo chamber expression of “Some Love,” the lead track on the group’s Foundation Steppers […]

Thys Reworks Amon
Tobin Collab With the
Noordpool Orchestra

Here’s the thing about orchestral takes on electronic tracks: they’re often terrible. Mostly because the opposing forces of clubs and concert halls never quite sync up. They’re in an eternal struggle instead, with no clear winner… or leader for that matter. Thys was determined to break that chain with the Noordpool Orchestra collab he recently […]

Frederik Valentin Readies
Two New Posh Isolation EPs

“At this point of my career I don’t wish to make esoteric music,” says multi-medium artist Frederik Valentin. “I’m attracted to the simplicity of music and the idea of creating something universal that apply to people from different social cultures in various stages of life.” That’s certainly the vibe we get from 0011001, a devastating […]

Die Schachtel Line Up
Latest Decay Music LPs

Die Schachtel has unveiled the third and fourth volumes of its Decay Music series, the Milan imprint’s look at “inspired contemporary experimental efforts in ambient, ethereal, and emotively abstract music.” Due out on February 19th, Rueben and Downtown Ethnic Music are two very different efforts from Sandro Mussida and Giovanni Di Domenico (pictured above). While […]

PAN Readies Latest
ENTOPIA Soundtrack

Photo BRIGITTE HART After lying low last year — who can blame them? — PAN’s soundtrack-driven ENTOPIA series is back with its fourth welcome entry this Friday. Scored by Civil Civic co-founder Aaron Cupples, with additional field recordings from Leo Dolgan, the award-winning Island of the Hungry Ghosts examines a controversial Australian territory known for keeping […]

M. Caye Castagnetto Helps
Us Make Sense of the Many
Layers Within Leap Second

Considering how unclassifiable Leap Second is, we were eager to hear how M. Caye Castagnetto arrived at what Castle Face co-founder John Dwyer aptly calls “a truly interesting conglomeration of loose inspirations and conjurings,” featuring a “sprinkling of Catherine Ribeiro, Dr. John, Terje Rypdal, and Nico.” Or as Bjorn Copeland of Black Dice puts it, […]

Bartosz Kruczyński
Makes Us a Dance Mix
Under His Earth Trax Alias

Words + Mix BARTOSZ KRUCZYŃSKI Photography ANNA BYSTROWSKA The idea behind this mix was to expand on my last album, LP2 – Ambient Dance. It focuses on both new and old tracks, the majority of which are from Bandcamp. I think we are in this transition period where a lot of the older generation DIY […]

Tomahawk Announce First
New Album In Eight Years

Photo ERIC LIVINGSTON Tomahawk — the longtime outlet of Mike Patton (Faith No More), Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard), and John Stanier (Battles) — have shared the lead single from their first proper LP in eight years. Dubbed “a mocking look at the life of work in America” by Denison, “Business Casual” was first teased […]

Om Unit Channels
Basic Channel, Deadbeat
On Acid Dub Studies

Photo KHALI ACKFORD Om Unit has revealed his latest self-released solo record. Due out February 19th, Acid Dub Studies is exactly that: a 303-driven tour de ambient techno and woozy reggae melodies. Jim Coles hinted at the heady project on last year’s mini-LP Secret Location, a killer Seekersinternational collab that’s worth a look and a […]

Keith and Hollie Kenniff
Embrace the Haze on
New Mint Julep Album

Longtime creative / life partners Keith and Hollie Kenniff have announced their latest Mint Julep LP. Due out March 19th through Western Vinyl, In a Deep and Dreamless Sleep was developed during the same prolific time period as the couple’s last album (Stray Fantasies) but has its own gauzy sound hanging over it. “Our previous […]

Rutger Hoedemaekers
Wraps Long-Awaited
Solo Album For 130701

Rutger Hoedemaekers has shared the second official single from his long overdue debut LP The Age of Oddities. Due out March 5th through the FatCat imprint 130701, the record was started way back in 2016 and took years to complete due to its daunting use of processed vocals (Kira Kira, Theatre of Voices’ Else Torp […]

Allred & Broderick
Distill 11-Hour Score
Down to One Stunning LP

It’s a little surreal to be sharing What the Fog this week — the very same week that museums are set to reopen with restrictions here in Minneapolis. As encouraging as the news is at such an uncertain time for artists, it doesn’t change how many people now view exhibits. Which is less as a point of […]

Thou Make Us a
Hardcore Mixtape

Photo CRAIG MULCAHY When we first heard about May Our Chambers Be Full and The Helm of Sorrow — the two intense, multi-faceted records Thou cut with Emma Ruth Rundle for Sacred Bones — we thought an explanation was in order. Not of how this happened. The pairing makes perfect sense, to be honest. Enough to […]

Cuushe Shares Kate NV Cut
From WAKEN Remixes LP

Cuushe has lined up an entire record of remixes around last year’s WAKEN LP — the singer/producer’s first solo album in seven years. Due out March 10th through her longtime label flau, WAKEN Remixes transcends its simple title with fresh takes on Cuushe’s airy tracks from Yu Su, Iglooghost, Ciel, Loraine James, Suzanne Kraft, and […]

Christina Vantzou Samples
Dvořák on Colliding Wind

Photo JAB Simone Merli (Soundwalk Collective) and Luca Calo (Born In 1986) have shared the latest single from their looming Colliding Wind compilation. Streaming exclusively below, “Dvorjacked” is a chilling, vapor-trailed version of the 19th century Dvo?ák composition “American” Quartet – Movement II (Lento). “It’s a fragment of the piece — one phrase really,” explains […]

Blanck Mass Funnels a
Decade of Field Recordings
Into In Ferneaux Album

Photo HARRISON REID Blanck Mass has revealed his latest record for Sacred Bones. Due out February 26th, In Ferneaux distills a decade of field recordings into two side-long tracks “that gather the memories of being with now-distant others through the composition of a nostalgic travelogue.” According to a press release, “The journeys are haunted with […]

Madlib, Four Tet Ready
‘Sound Ancestors’ Album
For January 29 Release

Madlib has finally revealed the release date and pre-order details of Sound Ancestors, a long-planned collaboration with Four Tet. Due out January 29th through Madlib Invazion and available in limited purple, blue, and rust pressings through Rappcats, it features Madlib’s original music — dripping with dynamic samples, of course — and Four Tet on editing, […]

Kode9 Readies First
Solo Record Since 2015

Kode9 has shared the B-side of his first proper single in more than five years. Streaming in full below and due out through Hyperdub next Friday, “Rona City Blues” is a head rush waiting to happen — brimming with lead bass lines and hiccuping synth hooks. To ring in Kode9’s long overdue return — he’s […]

Meemo Comma Channels
Jewish Mysticism, Anime
Soundtracks on New Album

Photography KEN STREET Meemo Comma (a.k.a. Objects Limited label head Lara Mix-Martin) has announced her latest album for Planet Mu. Due out March 21st, Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter² was largely inspired by two seemingly disparate topics: classic anime films and the Jewish mysticism within the Talmud and Kabbalah. “Judaism is filled with many tales […]

Burial Shares the Restless
A-Side of Latest 12” Single

Much like he did at the tail end of 2012 and 2013, Burial is capping the worst year in quite some time with new music. Streaming in full below — right alongside the producer’s recent drop Four Tet x Thom Yorke drop — the dutifully paranoid “Chemz” is rightfully described as “a 12-minute rave monster […]

Injazero Records
Shares Previously
Unreleased Pieces
From Hinako Omori,
KMRU, and More

Christmas has arrived a week early for Injazero Records fans thanks to INJACOMP002, a new compilation of previously unreleased pieces from the label’s rather unpredictable roster of ambient / post-classical artists. Available for free to Bandcamp subscribers, and streaming in full below, the nine-track effort features a wide range of album-caliber work from KMRU, Heinali, […]

C.A.N.V.A.S. Readies
Apocope Compilation of
Avant-Pop Wreckage

Photo HULUBALANG + ELVIN BRANDHI C.A.N.V.A.S. has unveiled its second official compilation. Due out February 12th, Apocope follows in the footsteps of last year’s Cipher LP. Which means it’s not just a loose collective of label co-founders and like-minded underground musicians. More like eight meditations on a loose-but-loaded theme: pop music after the pin’s been […]

Eartheater Shares
Live Session From
Her FUGA Residency

Cut the context from the cover of Eartheater’s latest album and you’d be wrong to expect a rambunctious, electric record — one that leaves a loud trail of scorched earth songs in its wake. The flame-licked figure standing tall on the sleeve of Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin (PAN) is more of a […]

Aksak Maboul Unveil Latest
Video From Their First
Album in Four Decades

Photo SAMUEL KIRSZENBAUM File this one under In Case You Missed It Last May: Figures, a double LP with ambitions as grand and daunting as the down time between it and Aksak Maboul’s last album. (About 40 years if you’re keeping track.) Founder Marc Hollander was a little busy during that time, largely thanks to the […]

Douglas Dare Collaborates
With Peter Broderick,
London Contemporary
Orchestra Players

Photography FABIAN PRYNN Douglas Dare has unveiled a new digital EP of previously unreleased recordings entitled Heavenly Bodies. Now available through Erased Tapes and streaming in full below, the effort connects the dots between a private St John of Jerusalem Church performance with string players from the London Contemporary Orchestra and a Peter Broderick collaboration […]

Kruder & Dorfmeister
Send Us a Mix From
Their Vienna Studio

Photography MAX PAROVSKY When we heard Kruder & Dorfmeister were releasing their first album in 22 years this fall (the aptly titled 1995, now available through their G-Stone Recordings imprint), we reached out right away with the hopes of securing an exclusive set from the legendary DJs / producers. The Austrian duo responded with a rather […]

Ghostly International
Launches Second Capsule
Arthur Russell Collection

Photography DAVE SUTTON If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for the Arthur Russell fan in your life, Ghostly International’s got just the thing: their second capsule collection of limited clothing fully licensed by the avant-garde icon’s longtime label Audika Records. Now available here and posted for window shopping purposes below, the collaboration includes a slick […]

Dis Fig Breaks Down
Eight of Her Favorite
Cantonese Dishes

Photo LOUISA ZIMMER Words DIS FIG I always see the creation of any large piece of work as a birthing process. My record with The Bug (In Blue, now available through Hyperdub and dropping on vinyl December 18th) has been just that. And with pregnancy — so I’ve heard — comes anxiety and excitement, along […]

Byron Westbrook
Announces New
Synth-Led Album

Photo BRAULIO LAM Like many of us creative types, Byron Westbrook has spent this deeply strange year poring over his archives. Namely a batch of tape-bound synth takes — ecstatic pieces that get straight to the heart of how strange all this is. “In revisiting this material and feeling its resonance with the moment,” explains […]

Krust Talks About His
Triumphant Return,
The Edge of Everything

Photography JAMES HACKER Words ANDREW PARKS A few tracks into his first Krust album in 14 years (The Edge of Everything), Kirk Thompson shows his cards a bit with a sample of what sounds like Martin Scorsese. “You go to movies to be involved in the picture,” the director says, “to get a sense of […]

Evan Gildersleeve Shares a
Stellar Ben Chatwin Remix
From His New Benefit Single

With the last Bandcamp Friday of the year on the way this week, we’ve got one release you oughta Wishlist: Mortal, the deeply felt solo debut of London composer Evan Gildersleeve. Cut during quarantine as a standalone benefit single for the mental health organization Mind and the charitable label Human Worth, the stunning piece serves […]

Ink Project Taps
Charles Webster For a
Classic Deep-House Remix

Building on the buzz around the Fifi Rong collab he unveiled a couple weeks back, Ink Project’s own Jez Lloyd has teed up a terrific remix from deep-house don Charles Webster. Due out through Lloyd’s Blind Colour label on December 11th, it rounds out the original alongside further treatments from Telemachus, Synkro, and Pitch Black. […]

Molchat Doma
Make Us a Mixtape of
Iconic Belarusian Music

Words + Mix MOLCHAT DOMA Photo KANAPLEV+LEYDIK With this playlist, we would like to show iconic bands from our country. The playlist is subjective…. LEPRIKONSY – HALI-GALI One-hit band, but what a banger! It seems to us that everyone knows this song. LYAPIS TRUBETSKOY – TY KINULA Another posthumous hit from a legendary Belarusian band. […]

Thys & Amon Tobin Explain
Their Experimental New EP

Considering their first collaborative EP (Ghostcards) opened like a slightly more lucid Caretaker tune, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Amon Tobin and Thys are redefining their respective sounds yet again on Ithaca. Available as of last week through NOISIΛ’s Vision imprint, the largely beat-less affair barely grazes the ground over the course of […]

Sarah Davachi’s
Rough Guide to
Sarah Davachi

Photography SEAN MCCANN Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. This week’s entry dives straight into the deep listening discography of Sarah Davachi. She’s had quite a year. Aside from launching her own Late […]

Tom Furse Shares “A Journey In Ecstasy”

The Horrors’ co-founder and synthesist, Tom Furse has announced that he will release a new album on esteemed UK independent Lo Recordings on the 23rd of October 2020. ‘Ecstatic Meditations’, the follow up to 2016’s acclaimed debut solo outing ‘Interludes’, features six beautifully crafted new tracks leading with an edit of the 20 minute album […]

Gajek Looks Back At
When the Berlin Wall
Fell On Vitamin D

Free Association is a recurring feature where we ask artists to share the deeply personal stories that drive their songs. On deck today: electro-folk auteur Gajek, who explains the early ’90s, East German roots of his recent ‘Vitamin D’ record, a magnum opus inspired by everything from the ‘The X-Files’ to Mark Ecko….  Vitamin D […]

Mark Trecka, Midwife
Share the Stories Behind
Their In / Heaven Split

As the year begins to wind down, we’ve started to survey the largely overlooked songs we may have missed the first time around. Here’s one example: the side-long experiments that make up the In / Heaven split Mark Trecka and Midwife released on Flenser last August. Since they’re difficult to describe in a sentence or […]

Isolating Makes Us a
Wholly Unsacred Mix

Words + Mix STEPHEN HINDMAN There’s an inherent oddness about looking for songs from a negative point of view. Things that are devoid of ‘sacredness’ seem closer to being sacred than what is generally considered ‘religious music’ — songs that seem so devoid of feeling at this point, because they’re so ubiquitous and normalized. Growing […]

Linus Hillborg Channels
Orphan Works Installation
On Magelungsverket LP

Moloton co-founder Linus Hillborg has revealed the details surrounding his first solo record. Due out January 22nd, Magelungsverket repuroses many of the recordings from Orphan Works, an interactive art installation that paints a bleak picture of Stockholm — one that was beamed from either the not-so-distant future or another universe entirely. According to a press […]

Prairie’s Rough
Guide to Coil

Words MARC JACOBS I first heard Coil when I was in my teens — more or less when Horse Rotorvator was just released. This was a kind of music I had never heard before, and I couldn’t pin it to any genre I was familiar with. Since then, the music of Coil has accompanied me […]

Teleseen Readies Thaba
Record With South African
Singer Khusi Seremane

A project with roots that reach all the way back to MySpace, Thaba is an intercontinental electro-pop exchange between Brooklyn producer/multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Cyr (a.k.a. Teleseen) and South African singer Khusi Seremane. The pair first crossed paths online more than a decade ago, and quickly found common ground over their shared love of kwaito, ’90s R&B, […]

Uniform On….
10 Horror Movies Worth
Streaming This Weekend

Photography EBRU YILDIZ The last time we checked in with Uniform, the NYC-based noiseniks shared 16 surefire “Songs For the End of the World”. The sprawling playlist filed Nina Simone and Sun Ra right next to Rush and Burning Witch, and made Uniform both a Band to Watch and true arbiters of taste. Now that the […]

Mogwai Announce New
Album Featuring Atticus
Ross and Colin Stetson

Here’s another reason to put the past (2020, mostly) behind us: Mogwai has a new album on the way next February. Their tenth overall, As the Love Continues was recorded with longtime producer Dave Fridmann remotely due to the pandemic. But that’s okay; everyone’s a pro here. According to a press release, Fridmann lorded over […]

Alice Coltrane
Journey In Satchidananda
(Impulse!, 1970)

Yoga master Swami Satchidananda gets an interstellar shout-out on Alice Coltrane’s fourth solo album, an otherworldly exploration of Middle Eastern, African, and Indian music that shakes, rattles, and soothes the soul without breaking for a single breather. Charlie Haden, Pharoah Sanders, and Cecil McBee all make an appearance, too, adding dizzying layers to a sturdy […]

Peter Broderick Taps Chad
VanGaalen For Animated
“Ode To Blackberry” Clip

Peter Broderick has unveiled the first official video from his Blackberry album, a trippy, animated take on “Ode To Blackberry” by fellow musician Chad VanGaalen. “What an honor to have Chad’s animation accompanying this tune,” says Broderick. “During my brief stint working in a record shop in Portland several years ago, Chad stopped in one […]

Phew Makes Us a Playlist
of Japanese Punk Music

Photography MASAYUKI SHIODA Fearless. That’s how we’d describe Phew, a seminal member of Japan’s underground music scene since the late ’70s. Back then, the Osaka native was the singer in the short-lived punk band Aunt Sally, an absolute must for anyone who’s into the bolder sides of Siouxsie and the Banshees and PiL… if you […]

Alessandro Cortini
Turns Up the Tension
On Yann Tiersen Track

Photo EMILIE ELIZABETH Ask most people what they associate Yann Tiersen with, and they’ll probably mention the French musician’s seminal Amélie score. Tiersen’s pieces line up with Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s acclaimed film so perfectly, it’s easy to forget that many of them were actually taken from Tiersen’s own solo albums. The movie’s “whimsical” reputation did another […]

Chris Korda Shares Her
Favorite Odd Time Songs

Photo ALEXANDER KURZ Words CHRIS KORDA Odd time was the height of musical fashion in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I heard many of the songs below as a child, and developed a lifelong fascination with odd time as a result. These odd time influences predisposed me to discover complex polymeter and use it […]

Penelope Trappes Shares a
Spellbinding Nico Cover

Photo AGNES HAUS Penelope Trappes has shared the second official single from her upcoming Eel Drip EP (Houndstooth, October 23rd). Much like her Colin Newman cover a couple years ago, “Afraid” strips Nico’s source material down to its bare essentials and amps up the atmospherics. Rather than rely on the original’s piano-led progression, Trappes lets […]

Vatican Shadow Makes
Us a Mixtape of Metal
Intros and Interludes

Photography SVEN MARQUARDT Dominick Fernow has always been hesistant to explain the hard-wired concepts that ripple across his Vatican Shadow records. Much like an elusive filmmaker, he’d rather produce a pervasive mood. Militaristic and menacing, Fernow’s tightly laced dance loops speak for themselves, reminding us of something Fernow said in an early self-titled interview: “Dancing doesn’t […]

Meitei Explains Nine
Things You Oughta Know
About Japanese Culture

Like many outsiders, we were fascinated by a very specific vision of Japan at first — the one that’s bathed in neon and beamed from the near future. And yet, the more time we spent there, the more complicated this picture became. While there’s no denying the inherent draw of, say, a Robot Restaurant or […]

Amirali Shares a Short
Doc on the Making of His
Neo-Classical EP Sokoot

Amirali has unveiled his most ambitious EP yet; now available through the Iranian producer’s own Dark Matters imprint, Sokoot is a windswept, widescreen collaboration with the world class soloists of Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich. Named after the Farsi word for silence, it’s more than just another emotive neo-classical record or cross between cavernous underground clubs and […]

Gravité Share the First
Couple Singles From Their
‘Liquid Daydream’ LP

Photo KRISTIN LINNEY As much as we love the ambient direction many synth-driven artists have embraced lately — hell, we built an entire site around records that reduce stress and release pressure — we’re still a sucker for songs that sound like a turbo-charged trip around the sun. Matthew Riley and Aaron Diko pursue that […]

E-Saggila Announces New
Hospital Productions LP

Building on the momentum of last week’s Anima Bulldozer 12”, E-Saggila has lined up her first Hospital Productions LP. Due out November 20th on red and green splattered vinyl — or black if you’re more of a purist — Corporate Cross is a proper front-to-back album that delivers on the promise of previous releases through […]

Olan Monk Unveils
New Love/Dead Video

Photo RENATA MOTTIRONI Olan Monk has shared another piece of the puzzle that is his Love/Dead LP, a collaboration with acclaimed Russian artist Maria Gorodeckaya that gets straight to the heart of Monk’s heavy pop music. Here’s what he had to say about the clip, along with a complete stream of the multi-faceted musician’s bleak […]

Heinali Melds
Generative Music
With the Middle Ages
On Madrigals

Heinali has revealed his second record of the year, a deeply researched detour from last spring’s loose session with saxophonist Michael Balog. Due out November 13th through the stellar ambient / experimental label Injazero Records, Madrigals draws a direct link between the polyphonic melodies of the Renaissance period and the heady, math-driven harmonies of modular […]

Sonja Tofik Announces
Debut Album, Anomi

Sonja Tofik — a longtime member of Stockholm’s dearly missed Drömfakulteten collective — has announced her first proper LP, a haunting collection of electroacoustic, ambient, and drone music that sounds as if it were beamed from the great beyond or another dimension entirely. Which makes sense; Anomi (due out October 30th through Marlena Salonen and […]

Marta De Pascalis
Embraces the
Experimental Side
of Italian Music

Words MARTA DE PASCALIS For most of his life, my grandfather worked as a tailor for RAI (Italy’s national public broadcasting company). When he died, I found a box of mostly sealed vinyl featuring Italian library music, soundtracks and plays, and experimental music from the ’60s and ’70s. That box was a treasure trove for […]

Goldmund’s Latest
Single Leaves Us
Hanging Like an
Arthouse Film

Keith Kenniff has shared the second official single from his looming Goldmund LP, The Time it Takes (Western Vinyl, October 16th). Streaming below, right alongside a previously released piece, “For a Time” is a teaser of a track — over as soon as it’s begun. And all the better for it. Here’s how it all […]

Avalon Emerson Covers
The Magnetic Fields in
First Vocal Track

Avalon Emerson has shared the latest exclusive from her looming DJ-Kicks mix: a brightly lit, keyboard-led Magnetic Fields cover that captures the DJ / producer’s voice for the first time. “In July 2020, my girlfriend and I drove from Los Angeles to New York City, mostly following the I-70,” explains Emerson. “We visited family and […]

New Order
Lift Our Spirits
With Synth-Laced
“Be a Rebel” Single

Photo WARREN JACKSON New Order have revealed their first batch of new material since 2015’s Music Complete LP. Originally intended as a teaser for their fall tour, “Be a Rebel” builds upon the synth-laced strengths of the band’s last record and makes quite a case for their next move. “In tough times we wanted to […]

Mike Cooper
Unveils New Album,
Robert Altman Nod

Kevin Costner kinda had a point, huh? As did Mike Cooper, for that matter. Flash back to the guitarist’s first Hipshot CD-R (1999’s Kiribati) and you’ll find disturbingly early signs of the self-inflicted wounds we all should have taken seriously decades ago. “[Kiribati] was dedicated to the people of that Pacific Island nation,” explains Cooper, […]

Casey MQ
Shares His Favorite
Boy Band Songs

“Watching old tapes of myself over the past year,” says Casey MQ, “I realize much of my childhood world was a multi-faceted obsession with boy bands. Before even knowing about sexuality, I was seduced by their guise of desirability: a five-men crew with subtle homoerotic tendencies singing about wanting ‘the girl’ and basking in the surrounding […]

Laraaji On…
Trance States,
Higher Dimensions,
and Sonic Mind Science

Photography DANIEL ODUNTAN Words ANDREW PARKS About an hour into our lengthy conversation with Laraaji, we ask the New Age icon what records he relies on when life gets rough. And the first songs that spring to mind are from his own records (“Being Here” and the two “Meditation” tracks on his Brian Eno-produced breakthrough, Ambient […]

Michael Rother
Discusses His New
Solo Album and Box Set

Interview ANDREW PARKS Photography RICK BURGER  Like many other visionary musicians, Michael Rother didn’t mean to write and wrap a new record this year. Dreaming just kind of came together as the Krautrock icon and his longtime label Grönland compiled the second half of Rother’s solo career in a seven-disc box set. “I was looking for new […]

VRITRA Unveils Latest
Video From SONAR LP

Hal Williams has been impossible to pin down ever since he was one-half of the Odd Future project The Jet Age of Tomorrow — a group that got its start after Tyler, the Creator couldn’t quite wrap his rhymes around their idiosyncratic beats. After a string of solo albums under his Pyramid Vritra alias, an […]

Kamaal Williams
Shares a Session With
Shabaka Hutchings &
Alina Bzhezhinska

Photo GLAUCO CANALIS Considering we won’t be seeing a live show anytime soon, we can’t think of a better way to wind the week down than by sharing a dialed-in duet between Kamaal Williams, Alina Bzhezhinska, and Shabaka Hutchings (also of the aptly named trio The Comet Is Coming and several other side projects). Lifted […]

Shigeto Taps Into
Another Dimension
Entirely With a Woozy
“La Parole 6” Remix

As if Vincenzo Ramaglia’s La Parole LP wasn’t disorienting enough—a prime example of the composer’s “Popular Experimental Music”—we now have a heady Shigeto remix on our hands. Premiering below alongside the original album and a previously released M-Ziq remix, the producer’s woozy take on “La parole 6” reduces Laure Le Prunenec’s free-associate phrases to a […]

J. Graves Reveals
“Deathbed” Video,
Listen To Womxn Fest

J. Graves has shared the title track from their upcoming Deathbed EP, a deeply personal single that stares a floundering relationship down and refuses to blink. It’s as if the Portland trio was just called into battle — an existential one, at least, as Jessa Graves’ lithe guitar lines and venom-tipped verses lock into place […]

KMRU Makes Us a
Mix of Ambient and
Experimental Music

Continual by KMRU When Patricia Wolf shared a playlist of pain-relieving pieces earlier this month, one song immediately stood out: KMRU’s “Continual” single, a slow-moving stunner capable of stopping time itself. Turns out there’s a lot more where that come from. Over the past three years, the Nairobi-based producer has unleashed a wealth of widescreen […]

Tim Presley Readies
Art and Poetry Book

Photo CATE LE BON Tim Presley announced his latest collection of art and abstract writing today, a look back at his two-city touring exhibition Under the Banner of Concern. Due out August 25th through Mexican Summer’s book imprint (Anthology Editions), the 140-page softcover features black ink drawings from Presley’s Chicago / LA exhibit along with […]

The Music That Moves…
Ian William Craig

It doesn’t take much for Ian William Craig to turn us into a blubbery mess. Often building immense pieces from nothing but his multi-tracked voice and a tangled web of tortured synth tones and decaying tape decks, the classically trained opera singer is about as devastating as vocal drones get. Craig’s latest album (Red Sun […]

Theo Alexander
Shares New Single,
Visible Cloaks Remix

Photo ANNIE FOREST Having recently had his breakthrough record (2017’s Broken Access LP) reissued through Arts & Crafts, the ever-prolific Theo Alexander is finally ready to shift his focus towards new music. Streaming right alongside a barely recognizable (in a good way!) Visible Cloaks remix, “Disappearing Altogether” gets straight to the heart of what makes […]

Demian Licht
Makes Us a Mix

Words DEMIAN LICHT This mix is a blend of artists I’ve been following for a long time. I’m more into seeing them develop than following all the new stuff that’s out there…. HOLLY HERNDON – FADE [RVNG INTL] Wonderful vocal processing. DANIEL AVERY – ALL I NEED [PHANTASY SOUND] The right flow with less elements. […]

Jon Hassell Shares
Eno-Approved Single

Photo ROMAN KOVAL Hot on the heels of Jon Hassell’s recent Vernal Equinox reissue comes a self-proclaimed “companion piece” to 2018’s Listening To Pictures LP. Due out July 24th through Hassell’s own Ndeya imprint, Seeing Through Sound is actually the second volume in the influential composer’s painterly series Pentimento. A mind-expanding move towards making transportive […]

Patricia Wolf Shares
10 Songs That Helped
Her Find Inner Peace

Words PATRICIA WOLF Everyone eventually loses people that they love. It’s the most painful part of being alive. Since 2016 I have lost a grandmother, a close cousin, several friends, nearly my own life after being hit by a car, and my mother-in-law this past November. It’s difficult to write about her death; it transformed […]

Mike Slott Makes
Us a Companion Mix
To His Vignettes EP

Photo ERIC COLEMAN Vignettes isn’t the first time Mike Slott has made cinematic music. The LA producer first unveiled a teaser of a four-track EP (Mirror I Mirror) in 2016, setting in motion “short musical meditations for headphones [and] reflection” that sparkled and faded away much too fast. Slott’s first LuckyMe record in more than a […]

C. Lavender Makes
Us a Chill-Out Mix

Words + Mix C. LAVENDER Photo CHRIS WOZ In the early morning of New Years Day this year, I was DJing ambient music in a room which became a crucial mental and physical resetting space for a tech-house party’s 5,000+ attendees. Through the night I had been witnessing the wild mass of people move through […]

Arnaud Rebotini
Shares His
Quarantine Soundtrack

Like many other restless musicians, Arnaud Rebotini hasn’t let quarantine life drag him down. If anything, he’s turned its rules and regulations into a self-imposed artist residency — a carte blanche call to creativity when everything else is out of our control anyway. The takeaway between March and May was Rebotini’s This is a Quarantine […]

Chester Raj Anand
Makes Us a Mixtape
of Birdsong Music

Ask anyone who’s ever spent some time in Tokyo alone; life is but a dream once you’re swept up in its neon-bathed streets, a tangled web of intertwined lives and constant stimulation. Chester Raj Anand found this out first hand during the impromptu recording sessions for Strawberry (Quiet Time), a minimal, synth-and-tape-deck-led meditation on how […]

Anna Homler, Alessio Capovilla Share Vasi Comunicanti Single

Having first crossed paths during a dynamic improv performance in Turin a few years back, Anna Homler (a.k.a. the avant-garde artist Breadwoman) and Gang of Ducks co-founder Alessio Capovilla set out to slowly develop a proper record together. The first hint of where they were headed popped up on Homler’s Deliquium in C EP — […]

Concentric Records’
Top Ambient Tracks

When Simone Merli (see also: the Patti Smith-approved Soundwalk Collective) and Luca Calo (a.k.a. the ambient DJ Born In 1986) decided to launch their own ambient label this year, they set Concentric Records’ bar for the stratosphere with its first three releases. Rather than slide into a steady album cycle, the duo tapped a wide […]

Sam Spiegel Reveals
Exclusive Mixtape
Featuring RZA,
Anderson Paak,
Sean Paul and More

Photography MAXWELL MIRANDA About halfway through his new Random Shit mixtape, Sam Spiegel (see also: N.A.S.A., Squeak E. Clean Studios) poses an important rhetorical question: “Are mashups still a thing? Apparently so.” Indeed. Much like next Friday’s proper Random Shit From the Internet Era LP, the exclusive set below is a palate cleanser meant to put the […]

Kevin Richard Martin
Launches Record Label,
Drops Two Solo Albums

Photo MORISA MARTIN Having recently moved from Berlin to Brussels, right in the middle of a pandemic, Kevin Richard Martin was left with two options: dwell on the dark side of not being able to tour anytime soon, or get back in the bunker and churn out more challenging music. The restless producer chose the […]

Demian Licht Channels
Art and Architecture on
Debut Album Die Kraft

It doesn’t take long to get swept up in the storm of Demian Licht’s debut album. Due out July 10th through the producer’s own Motus Recordings imprint, Die Kraft takes the movie-like techno of Licht’s Female Criminals trilogy even further, bringing her broader ideas into full relief. “I feel like I was finally able to […]

Run the Jewels Drop
RTJ4 Two Days Early

Photo TIMOTHY SACCENTI Run the Jewels have released their fourth album on DSPs two days early. Download RTJ4 here or stream it in full below, featuring appearances from 2 Chainz, Greg Nice, DJ Premier, Pharrell Williams, Zack de la Rocha, Mavis Staples, and Josh Homme. “Fuck it, why wait,” Killer Mike and El-P wrote in […]

Olan Monk Announces New Love/Dead Album Featuring Maria Somerville, James K

Photo RENATA MOTTIRONI Olan Monk has announced a new solo album featuring Maria Somerville and James K. Due out June 26th through the singer/producer’s own C.A.N.V.A.S. imprint, Love/Dead is described as “a vanitas — a reflection on the transience of life and certainty of death. A love letter to a dead city. Dripping paint over […]

Ricardo Donoso Shares His New Album and Its Surreal Storyline

Photo STEPHANIE LARSEN It’s both strange and surreal to be sharing Content right now. Not images and words, per se; more like the latest Ricardo Donoso LP (now available on Denovali), which sounds like an oracle come to life in the wake of the chaos that’s overcome our current home this week. Not to mention the seemingly […]

Rafael Anton Irisarri Reveals His Secret Risotto Recipe

Rafael Anton Irisarri has covered a lot of ground with us over the years, including two exclusive mixes (one from his woozy techno alias The Sight Below, and one from the Benoît Pioulard collab Orcas), a personal essay about discovering electronic music vis-a-vis The Orb, and a rebuttal-inspired rundown of 100 crucial ambient records. Nothing […]

Lorenzo Senni
Makes Us a Mixtape
Of His Favorite
Hardcore Songs

Photo JOHN DIVOLA This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who noticed the Refused nod in his “The Shape of Trance to Come” single, but Lorenzo Senni is a big hardcore punk fan. Always has been, always will. And while he discussed it during a detailed RBMA interview, the endorphin-flooding electronic producer has never […]

10 Albums That Shaped
Choir Boy’s Sound

Photo JORDAN UTLEY Here’s the thing about Choir Boy singer Adam Klopp: his voice is so captivating, so utterly out-of-this-world that it’s easy to forget there’s a proper band co-piloting the project’s ethereal pop songs. In the three years since Choir Boy signed to Dais with their Sunday Light EP, the group’s core duo of […]

Frank Ene Reveals
First Solo Record,
Wymond Miles Collab

Photo JAMES CROMWELL HOLDEN When we ask Frank Ene (formerly of Pure Bliss and The Fall of Troy) about the lead single from his long overdue solo debut, the singer/multi-instrumentalist presents it as two sides of the same coin. “It’s fun,” he says, “and, more importantly, it’s without compromise.” “Fun” is not the first word […]

Kayla Painter Reveals Ambient Zoon van snooK Remix

“I wanted to create a slow, meandering, climbing track using the original sounds and a unique palette that takes the listener on a journey much like a gentle frosty climb into the mountains.” – Kayla Painter “Furthering the themes for the video I created for Zoon van snooK’s original track, this clip goes deeper and […]

Andrew Tuttle On…
10 Things Americans
Should Know
About Cricket

Words ANDREW TUTTLE Photo BRYAN SPENCER “How is cricket played?” articles are plentiful on the internet, so if you’re looking for the rules, have a search! I’m going to share a few interesting tidbits and observations of my favourite sport — one that I was never good at, but where my enthusiasm in watching and […]

Southern Shores’ New
EP Transports Us to
Another Time and Place

Southern Shores couldn’t have come up with a more surreal opening sample for its Siena (Part I) EP than this soliloquy: “I really, really feel free for the first time. I’m starting to live for the here and now. I’m not scared anymore.” Kinda weird considering fear is our de facto state of being, right? […]

Windy & Carl’s
Rough Guide to
Windy & Carl

Photography ANTAL ZAMBO Windy & Carl have traded widescreen melodies and transportive guitar tones since 1993, and have a heady back catalogue to prove it — one that’s both captivating and completely overwhelming. To help makes sense of it all on the eve of their eagerly anticipated Allegiance and Conviction album on Kranky, we asked […]

Auscultation Helps Us All Heal With “Stages of Acceptance” Mix

One of the most sobering things about The New Normal is how we’re all suffering in some way. Whether the fallout is physical, mental, or financial, it’s as if humanity itself is being tested, and left with no other option but to face this mess head-on and find a new path forward. Joel Shanahan has […]

White Poppy’s
Favorite Artists
From British Columbia

Since the entire underground scene is siloed right now, we thought we’d ask Crystal Dorval — the dream weaver behind White Poppy, one of British Columbia’s most beloved cult acts — to share a few of her favorite local finds from the past few years. Have a look and a listen below, then be sure […]

Ytamo Burrows Her Way Into Our Brain With Vacant Album

Room40’s Someone Good imprint has revealed its latest beguiling transmission from the Kansai-based Ytamo. Due out June 12th, Vacant was very much inspired by the singer/multi-instrumentalist’s first pregnancy, and how it brought her own fading memories of childhood full circle. It’s also a personal fav of label founder/fellow experimental musician Lawrence English, who says, “Vacant […]

Laila Sakini Unveils Digital Version of Devastating Album, Flora Yin-Wong Remix

Photo SARAH WHITE When Laila Sakini released her striking debut album (Vivienne) on Total Stasis last February, it felt like an apparition — a here-today, gone-tomorrow collection of intimate piano, voice, and EFX recordings tuned into another wavelength entirely. Thanks to the breathless support of reputable folks like Boomkat, Meditations, and RVNG Intl.’s Commend shop, […]

Bernard Fèvre Reveals
His Last Black Devil
Disco Club Album

Considering how many times he’s come back from the dead — starting with the Aphex Twin-aided second life of his legendary Disco Club EP — we’re not quite sure what to think when Bernard Fèvre says his next LP (Lucifer is a Flower) will be his last. It seems like a grain-of-salt situation, if you […]

Daedelus Announces New Album, What Wands Won’t Break

Photography JANE HARRIS Daedelus has revealed one of his rawest solo records in years. His second album since joining Berklee’s Electronic Production and Design department — the other being last September’s The Bittereinders LP — What Wands Won’t Break is as restless as Alfred Darlington’s life-affirming live sets, 23 tracks that blow right on by over […]

Mana Reveals His Recipe For Orecchiette With Turnip Greens

Photography FRANCESCO COIA Words DANIELE MANA I want to start by saying that cooking is one of my favorite activities, but I don’t have any training and use my sense of intuition and taste. (The same goes for music.) You will have to excuse me if I don’t write the exact quantities of every ingredient. […]

Nazar Shares the War
Stories That Inspired
His Intense New Album

Photography JAMES GRIFFITHS Considering that Kode9 once wrote a book (2012’s Sonic Warfare tome) about the weaponization of sound, and the fact that he’s always been on the frontlines of supporting vital musicians, it’s hard to think of a more fitting breakthrough artist for Hyperdub in 2020 than Nazar. Having first emerged in 2018 with Enclave […]

Merrin Karras Makes Us An Ambient Mix, Breaks Down His New LP Northwest Passage

With the world showing little sign of lowering its stress levels around the ongoing COVID-19 crisis — if anything, things are only getting worse, turning everyday life into a test of the emergency broadcast system — we’ve found ambient music like Brendan Gregoriy’s Merrin Karras alias to be a lifeline. Especially the expansive, synth-led pieces […]

Jan Wagner Makes
Us An Ambient Mix

Building upon the piano-led foundation of 2018’s promising Nummern LP, Kapitel (available now through Quiet Love) finds Jan Wagner fully embracing his electronic side and even working in some vapor-trailed vocals. To get to the heart of how the composer/producer got here, we asked the composer/producer to share an exclusive set of ambient music, much […]

Joanne Pollock Reveals Her Favorite Breakfast Recipe

Words JOANNE POLLOCK Presenting a pandemic-approved breakfast made with ingredients you forgot you had. I’ve been eating this for 10 years and it’s never failed me. If you’ve ever been at my house for breakfast, this is what I made you…. INGREDIENTS Spinach and Beans: 1 pack frozen spinach (use fresh if you’ve got it) […]

Jacaszek Makes Us a Mixtape of Cinematic Polish Music

Photo PAWEL GRZES Having already made us a seamless mix of classical and electronic music, we thought we’d ask Jacaszek to share a set of cinematic Polish songs in the spirit of his new Ghostly International album Music For Film. The composer had a hard time narrowing his many influences down to a tight-knit collection […]

Loscil Shows Us
How to Make
Veggie Burgers

Photo DAYNA SZYNDROWSKI Words SCOTT MORGAN Here is my veggie burger recipe, kind of scratched together. It changes every time I make it — and I usually try different things — but today it was this…. INGREDIENTS about 3/4 cup of dry french lentils (cooked) about a cup and a half of cooked black beans […]

Eskimo Recordings Share First Michoacan Song in Seven Years

Eskimo Recordings have shared the latest exclusive cut from The White Collection. Due out April 3rd, the compilation is the latest entry in the Belgian imprint’s ongoing Colour Series, featuring a wide range of underground dance tracks from nine different countries — a fitting overview of the label’s past, present and future, right on the […]

Old Man Gloom Surprise Releases Secret Record Two Months Early

Old Man Gloom outdid themselves on the sneak attack front today, unleashing the new LP Seminar IX: Darkness of Being two months early because, well, why not? Available now digitally and emerging in physical editions on May 22nd through Profound Lore, the effort features seven tracks performed by Aaron Turner (Sumac, ISIS), Nate Newton (Converge), […]

Converge Release Ambient Version of “Aimless Arrow”

Converge have embraced their experimental side with an extended, dark-ambient version of “Aimless Arrow,” the lead-off track from their 2012 LP All We Love We Leave Behind. Available as a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp and streaming in full below, “Endless Arrow” finds guitarist/producer Kurt Ballou diving straight into a downward spiral of tortured drone tones […]

Paul Haslinger
Makes Us a Mixtape

“I’ve never been happy staying in one particular school of musical thought,” says Paul Haslinger. “The fun has been turning things on their heads, to try something you were not supposed to do.” Things have been that way for a while now, whether the shape-shifting synthesist was composing music for TV and film projects like […]

Jacaszek Brings Old Recordings Together on Music For Film LP

Photo PAWEL GRZES Jacaszek has announced his latest album for Ghostly International: Music For Film, a collection of carefully sequenced pieces for such disparate projects as the 2019 documentary He Dreams of Giants and the 2008 movie Golgota Wrocławska. Not to mention its main inspiration November, a fantasy feature that emerged from the mind of […]

Samuel Rohrer’s Favorite Rhythm-Driven Records

Photography CAMILLE BLAKE Much like Eli Keszler — another recent discovery of ours — Samuel Rohrer is a multi-faceted drummer that doesn’t just guide the steer the ship on his records or keep time in cutting edge groups like Ambiq. He leads us down labyrinthine alleyways and twisting left and right turns, drawing out his […]

Lorenzo Senni Announces Debut Album For Warp, Scacco Matto

Photo JOHN DIVOLA Lorenzo Senni has announced his long-awaited debut album for Warp — the producer’s first in nearly six years. Due out April 24th, Scacco Matto is described as “a continuation of Senni’s distinctive ‘pointillistic’ style – where gated, taut sounds are arranged relentlessly as drum-less rhythms and melody, which this time come in […]