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Clinic Share a Playlist
of Manic Pop Music

Words ADE BLACKBURN Photography SENTINEL The playlist is a compilation of inventive and strange pop music that influenced Clinic’s [new album] Fantasy Island. Growing up, I really admired groups like Fun Boy Three who could get into the charts on their own terms. They still met all the pop criteria, but with far more imagination […]

Make Us a
Genre-Less Mix

Words + Mix SALAMANDA With only two months away from the end of the most eventful and memorable year of 2021, we decided to make a mix that reflects what we felt during these unusual days. It was a year where we spent so much time far from the fresh air and dazzling sunlight, but […]

Paul Haslinger Shares an
Exclusive From the Vinyl
Edition of Exit Ghost II

Photo STEVE GULLICK Paul Haslinger (Neuland, ex-Tangerine Dream) has announced the long overdue vinyl pressing of his last album Exit Ghost II. Due out December 3rd through Artificial Instinct, it’ll make up for months of production delays — its digital edition dropped last June — with an exclusive piano-centric piece that splits the difference between […]

MONO’s Rough
Guide to MONO

Photo DIANA LUNGU Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. This week’s MONO playlist is a prime example of how many life-long musicians would much rather look towards the present — the past […]

Afrodeutsche Finds Calm
Within the Stormy Techno
of Nathan Fake’s Blizzards

Here’s the thing about Blizzards, a record many have regarded as Nathan Fake's very best: as chaotic as its chords are at times, the UK producer never loses sight of the hooks at hand. Not to mention their deeply melodic, inherently human heart. Judging by her nerve-settling remix of the album’s “Cry Me a Blizzard” single, […]

CID RIM Breaks Down
His Songs of Vienna LP

CID RIM may have moved to London soon after his second album (Material) took off, but one thing’s remained in his rearview window ever since: Vienna. More than just a mere hometown, the Austrian capital is where the producer and a couple ride-or-die cohorts (Dorian Concept, The Clonious) brought rap and club music together in […]

James Ginzburg & Ziúr
Unveil Myxomy Project

Photo KASIA ZACHARKO Berlin has a new dream team: myxomy, a.k.a. the avant-pop outlet of James Ginzburg (Emptyset) and Ziúr, which first took hold during some loose file-trading sessions last year. According to a press release from Ginzburg’s Subtext Recordings imprint, the duo’s self-titled debut is due out November 12th and features “a unique mix […]

Liars’ Rough Guide to Liars

Photography CLEMENS HABICHT Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. This week’s piece is particularly fascinating — a deeply personal dive into the ever-elusive discography of Liars, courtesy of its one constant, frontman Angus […]

Wolfgang Voigt Readies
New GAS Record,
Der Lange Marsch

Wolfgang Voigt has announced his first new GAS album since 2018’s sinewy Rausch record. Due out December 3rd through the producer’s Kompakt imprint, Der Lange Marsch (translation: The Long March) is the project’s 10th LP, and third since Voigt brought his most beloved outlet back from the dead with a special New York show and […]

Manu Delago Makes
Sense of the Manic Field
Recordings on Environ Me

Photography SIMON RAINER Considering how ambitious his last album was — the slumberland states of Circadian and its seven-and-a-half-hour (!) Delta Sleep Reworks compilation — it’s no surprise that Manu Delago built Environ Me (One Little Independent) on the back of bold field recordings. Namely the sounds of nature itself. “For many years I’ve been living between urban […]

Brett Naucke Shares
15 of His Favorite
Opening Tracks

Words BRETT NAUCKE Opening tracks often have a certain unique energy in the sequence of an album. When you listen to records over and over, they become a signifier of what to expect, which provides a different type of excitement about the sounds you know are about to come. Here are 15, in no particular […]

Ben Marc Breaks His
Breathe Suite Down

Photography ALEXANDRA WAESPI As Ben Marc gets set to unveil more details about the long-awaited LP (Glass Effect) lurking right around the corner, the multi-talented UK jazz musician has revealed a self-contained record that took on a life of its own last summer. “We wanted to make something meditative to help people through this traumatic […]
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