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Spencer Zahn
Makes Us a Mixtape
Inspired By Kingston Move

Like many of us, Spencer Zahn moved in the middle of the pandemic, leaving a bigger city (his longtime home Brooklyn) behind for one that’s more than 100 times smaller, population wise (Kingston, NY). He didn’t just set up shop and hide from his new neighbors either; the bassist/composer met as many people as he […]

Black Dice’s Rough
Guide to Black Dice

Photo DAN HOUGLAND Setting the Records Straight is a new series where we ask our favorite artists to walk us through the most important and meaningful songs in their sprawling back catalogues. This week’s entry is another special Bandcamp Friday edition, featuring longtime s/t favs Black Dice. If you want to truly understand where longtime […]

Eydís Evensen Shares a
Seasonal Piano Day Playlist

Photography SAGA SIG Seeing as how winter hasn’t quite loosened its grip just yet, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Piano Day than to point out the ivory-tinged Frost EP Eydís Evensen has on deck through XXIM Records next week. “It’s such a hard thing to go through — this darkness,” the composer/pianist […]

Cold Beat Unveil the
Vinyl Edition of
War Garden

The only good thing about the seemingly endless backlog at pressing pants is the second life some LPs have experienced when their fancy vinyl edition finally dropped. Here’s one we wholeheartedly endorse as the week begins to wind down: War Garden, the latest synth-laced, steam-pressed LP from the San Francisco band Cold Beat. A pandemic […]

Tom Rogerson Shares the
Stories Behind His Solo
Debut, Retreat to Bliss

Photo MATT JOLLY “All my life, the piano has been my constant companion, my confessor, my best friend, and my worst enemy,” says UK composer Tom Rogerson. “I’ve always written music on and for the piano, but it felt too personal, too private to release.” That changes this Friday, when Rogerson unveils his first proper […]

Marina Abramović Narrates
Sound of Ceres’ New Album

Sound of Ceres have lined up quite a crucial collaborator for their new album Emerald Sea: contemporary art icon Marina Abramović. Turns out she’s quite a fan of their cosmic sound — has been since a Brooklyn show in 2017 — and was eager to narrate key passages of their LP. “My attraction to Sound […]

Zeid Hamdan
Shares a Spare
Tinariwen Remix

As Tinariwen get ready to release long-awaited reissues of their early records Amassakoul and The Radio Tisdas Sessions, the Grammy-winning groove riders have unveiled an exclusive Zeid Hamdan remix. Check out the Lebanese producer’s spare, snake-like rendition of “Alkhar Dessouf” below, along with a little commentary on his creative process and bonus material from both remastered […]

Tool Walks Target Center
Through Fear Inoculum

Photography + Words ANDREW PARKS It’s hard to imagine anyone batting an eye at Lollapalooza today, but back in the early ’90s, Perry Farrell’s play thing was considered a rough-around-the-edges rebuke to sanitized pop songs — 120 Minutes served with a side of circus freaks and septum piercings. Things took a turn in 1996, however. […]

Jeremiah Chiu &
Marta Sofia Honer
Discuss Their Dreamy
Åland Islands Album

Photography JOYCE KIM We like to think of ourselves as intrepid travelers. It’s rare that a record actually makes us want to immediately book a ticket to a place we’d never seen before, though. To the point where we’re looking at a calendar and our bank account, wondering how we’re gonna make this work. That’s the […]

Vanessa Wagner
Tackles a Tense
Caroline Shaw Track

Vanessa Wagner has revealed the latest single from her looming album Study of the Invisible (InFiné Music, March 25th): “Gustave Le Grey,” a prickly Caroline Shaw piece that lurks and leaps in the shadows for nearly 15 minutes. Here’s what the French pianist had to say about it and several other Study of the Invisible […]

Zimoun Lends
Hour-Long Pieces to
Guitar Studies Set

Room40 has announced a special book/CD celebrating the sound work of Swiss artist Zimoun. Namely the ones that revolve around riffs. Due out May 6th, Guitar Studies I-III features three experimental pieces that hover around the 60-minute mark. Since the compositions are too long to fit onto one CD, they’re available in full digitally and in tightly […]

Brainwaltzera Gets
Personal on ‘ITSAME’

As impersonal as IDM (intelligent dance music? really?) is on paper, its reluctant section within dance shops has long starred artists as moody and melancholic as a more far-more-straightforward singer-songwriter. Case in point: the ever-elusive Brainwaltzera. While he’s remained more anonymous than most since his self-released Marzipan EP, the itinerant producer immediately struck a chord […]
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