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Caural Shares a Dizzying
Mixtape of Mashed-up

Photo ALEX MASTOON It’s hard to believe now that loop conductors like Flying Lotus and Four Tet headline festivals and high-cap venues, but the early ’00s was dominated by truly underground tracks within the sprawling hip-hop scene and cutting-edge electronic community. While DJ Shadow and other crate-digging, sample-threading producers broke through to a broader audience on […]

Eluvium Shares the Stories
Behind (Whirring Marvels
In) Consensus Reality

Rather than let a debilitating level of arm and shoulder pain get in the way of his latest Eluvium LP, Matthew Cooper found a way to meld traditional melodies with electronic flourishes and ragged algorithms. Not to mention appearances by members of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (better known as ACME), Golden Retriever and the Budapest […]
Bikini Kill at Palace Theatre

Bikini Kill Slay
Palace Theatre

Words + Photos ANDREW PARKS “Bikini Kill was very difficult,” Kathleen Hanna said in a self-titled interview a decade ago. “Not just because the four of us have very different personalities; the reception we got was very confusing. People either loved us or hated us in a way that bordered on violence.” Elsewhere in the […]

patten Shares the Sequel
To His Atomoxetine Mix

Considering how conceptual and one-of-a-kind Damien Roach’s latest patten LP is — Mirage FM is the first album made from text-to-audio AI samples — it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his Needle Exchange debut is a waking dream as well. We’re talking a wide-ranging set that somehow connects the dots between everything from Jesus […]

Handsome Boy
Modeling School
Reveal New Album,
Music To Drink Martinis To

Handsome Boy Modeling School have quietly released their first batch of new material in nearly two decades. Now streaming via your favorite DSP and featuring guest spots from Justin Warfield and Emi Meyer, “How Does It Feel?” and “Case Study” are taken from Music To Drink Martinis To, a long overdue mini-LP underwritten by the […]
Mana & Pedro Vian live

Pedro Vian & Mana
Collide on Cascades,
Experimental Set

Words + Mix PEDRO VIAN + MANA Our mix reflects the same attitude we had during the recording of Cascades. We put our broad taste in music together in one constant flow of sensitiveness and melancholic hyperbole…. TRACKLISTING: Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka – Behind The Hill Holy Similaun – Mode Det Flios On Kenji […]
Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles Makes Us a
Restless Techno Mix

Words + Mix RYAN LEE WEST Photo DAN MEDHURST With this mix, I wanted to explore the kind of techno that I love and listen to at home. Tracks which are slightly industrial and stark, yet addictive and upbeat. I generally like techno to have proper urgency and momentum to it — with quite heavy synths […]
Theo Parrish

!K7 Shares a Short Doc
On Theo Parrish’s
Detroit Forward Mix

When Theo Parrish sat down to curate and sequence his contribution to !K7’s iconic DJ-Kicks series, he treated its 19 tracks as a fully invested survey of the city that’s as much a part of him as music itself. “Detroit creates, but rarely imitates,” Parrish says in his track notes, “Why? We hear and see […]