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Hot Chip Reveal
Nina Simone Remix

Photo JACK ROBINSON Verve has unveiled the latest exclusive remix from its upcoming Nina Simone compilation Feeling Good. Streaming below, along with a previously released pounder from Robert Hood’s family matters project Floorplan, “Be My Husband” is run through the mid-tempo ringer by perennial s/t fav Hot Chip, who appear to now be ranking high […]
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Resina Shares the
Songs That Shaped
Her Speechless Album

Photography PAWEL ZANIO Good luck trying to wrap your head around Speechless (130701), the spellbound album Resina quietly released at the tail end of 2021. While it’s rooted in classical music, there’s something truly alien about most of her tracks — a ripple in the space-time continuum that’ll rattle your sense of what’s truly going […]
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Frankie Rose On…
Sustainable Hours

Words FRANKIE ROSE There were a few records that I listened to this year on repeat. Most of it was very ambient type of stuff for whatever reason. I’m really in love with the Sustainable Hours record by Nozomu Motsumoto. It was originally made as soundtrack for an art installation and I adore it. It’s extremely […]
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Eluvium On…
Playing Piano For Dad

Words MATTHEW COOPER Playing Piano For Dad (Tasty Morsels) was released digitally in 2016, but a small vinyl pressing finally arrived in 2021. The album was a go-to listen for me for a bit. It’s simple and direct in its title; nonetheless I think what was particularly enjoyable for me was the indirectness of the […]
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MJ Guider On…
Don’t Get It Twisted

Don’t Get It Twisted by Delores Galore Words MELISSA GUION Music and I had an uneasy year together. The things I was most personally drawn to reflected much of what was in the air: heaviness, frustration, anger, anxiety. There are a handful of records that came out of that attraction that I really loved, and […]
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Richard Pike On… Pool

ITLP09 – Pool by Skee Mask Words RICHARD PIKE Pool (Ilian Tape, 2021) was a welcome surprise — a huge record out of the blue at a time when I was rediscovering techno and beat-based music. It is a lot of things at once: meticulous and intricate, but also chaotic, exploratory. Expansive experimental ambient and […]
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