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Words by Aaron Richter The windfall of attention soon to hit Hot Chip is obvious. It has built steadily since the UK group’s debut, 2004’s Coming on Strong, and gained momentum with 2006’s The Warning, ignited by the top-of-its-game single “Over And Over.” This past year, Hot Chip set out to match the full-throttle intensity […]

1MM: Neurosis/Mastodon @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple

NEUROSIS: Still an enemy of the sun While we don’t subscribe to the theory that bands like Isis are simply ripping Neurosis off–well, some bands ‘borrow’ elements from both of them, but that’s besides the point–the Bay area vets certainly showed their followers how it’s done Thursday night at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Words honestly […]

Slash Confirms STP Reunion, NKOTB Hang Tough, and more!

  STP: I don’t know, can he? Slash has confirmed STP‘s rumored reunion. New Kids on the Block has beaten *NSYNC to the comeback trail. Jimmy Page has explained Led Zeppelin‘s touring situation. Blur‘s bassist has filmed a documentary about Columbia’s cocaine business. Gui Borrato has remixed Goldfrapp‘s new single. Oregon’s attorney general is questioning […]

1MM: Mahjongg @ Southpaw, Brooklyn

MAHJONGG: Yes, we Can Can Can Photos by Claire Thornton and Aaron Richter There once was a time when Mahjongg was one of the most exhilarating live acts around, spewing polyrhythmic experimentations atop rattling bass lines and catchy lyrical non sequiturs, all abstract as fuck but with a keen ear for pop structures. This was […]

(Don’t) Blame Canada

GHISLAIN POIRIER: So cool he’s ice cold So the following video shows exactly why we love going to Montreal from time to time. That’s right: You’re watching thousands of people dancing to sub-zero (temperature wise) sets from Ghislain Poirier, Daedelus, and members of Spank Rock during the Ninja Tune portion of Montreal’s annual Igloofest. Way […]

Win Hot Chip’s new 12”!

In honor of self-titled‘s soft launch and our first “Story of the Week,” Hot Chip‘s ‘people’ have given us a pair of “Ready For the Floor” (the IMEEM player to your left has the song ready for sampling) 12-inches to share with our fellow vinyl hounds. The tracks include an “Extended Mix,” a “Soulwax Dub,” […]

Donna Summer Does G ‘n’ R!

AXL ROSE: Pre-cornrows As Pitchfork recently reported, Jason Forrest has Panther Tracks–his first Donna Summer disc in years–due out on March 24 through his Cock Rock Disco label. What they didn’t mention was the following Guns ‘n’ Roses remix, recently unleashed on Forrest’s Birthday Party Berlin site. Check it: Donna Summer, “Sweet Assed Child O […]