Brock Van Wey Signs to Apollo For New Bvdub Album, Drowning in Daylight


Brock Van Wey has signed to R&S’ ambient/experimental imprint Apollo for his latest bvdub LP. Due out September 15th, Drowning in Daylight features four side-long “swathes of nostalgic pads and nested layers of distortion, strings and haunted voices.”

Check out a 10-minute excerpt of side two below, and an exclusive bvdub mix from last year here….

Bvdub | Drowning in Daylight album cover

Drowning in Daylight
(Apollo, September 14th)

1. Drowning in Daylight, Never Ending
2. Waves From Above, Never Ceasing
3. Seas of Shores, Forever Sweeping
4. You and Me, Forever Reaching