The Academy Disses Johnny Greenwood, LCD Soundsystem Tops ‘Pazz & Jop,’ and more!

JOHNNY GREENWOOD: There will be blood indeed
J Greenwood

  • The Oscars have snubbed Johnny Greenwood‘s striking There Will Be Blood score.
  • LCD Soundsystem has won this year’s “Pazz & Jop” poll.
  • Now that they own, CBS has announced a music-on-demand service for the site.
  • EMI‘s widely-despised owner is considering a libel suit against Robbie Williams‘ manager.
  • Portishead has revealed the title of release date of their next record.
  • Amy Winehouse is not in rehab, so quit asking.
  • Excepter‘s Paw Tracks debut is due out in March.
  • Wanna listen to Cat Power‘s Jukebox?
  • According to Bret Michaels, it’s hard being a washed-up hair-metal star
  • Lil Wayne was arrested by DEA agents this morning.
  • Dirty Pretty Things‘ manager has nixed their plan to ‘pull a Radiohead.’
  • Justice‘s MSG takeover ain’t happening.
  • Ever wonder what Pig Destroyer does to support themselves, considering they barely ever tour? Stereogum‘s got the answer.

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