Death Comet Crew, “Me Czar of the Magyars”

Lost in the holiday shuffle last month was the welcome return of Death Comet Crew, who released their first proper LP through Powell’s Diagonal imprint. (2004’s This Is Riphop compilation included quite a few live recordings.) Named Ghost Among the Crew in honor of the trio’s fallen comrade Rammellzee, the effort brings us back to the No Wave era from whence Death Comet Crew and its semi-related side projects (the recently reactivated Ike Yard and Black Rain) originally came, a time where punk, electro and hip-hop made the most beautiful of bedfellows. And yet songs like album opener “Me Czar of the Magyars” don’t sound dated; they feel as futuristic as ever.


‘Ghost Among the Crew’ is now available as a double LP. A digital edition hits shops on January 13th.