Download a Free EP From Laurel Halo, Gavin Russom and Brenmar


When we decided to devote our summer issue to underground electronic music, one creative partner came to mind: Moog Music, the all-analog-everything architects that still make their iconic synths by hand in Asheville, North Carolina. Rather than simply coordinate a sponsorship deal between the company and a few of our favorite New York producers—Laurel Halo, Gavin Russom and Brenmar—we gave each of them a card from Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies” deck as a source of inspiration for an exclusive song.

What we got back far exceeded our expectations and reflected the range of electronic music in our issue perfectly, from Brenmar’s hip-hop ballistics and Russom’s 11-minute “holistic workout” to Halo’s nocturnal emissions…