DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: A Sunstroked Disco Mix From Aeroplane

“I wrote all the songs on the album and I played all the I’m the studio guy. Steph was taking care of a lot of other things–important things–but it came to the stage I was alone in the studio and I realized, this is not ‘our’ band as it’s supposed to be. We could have done it (split up) now, or after the album was released, but we did it now for the future of Aeroplane.

It wasn’t a normal relationship in that respect, and it got to the stage where one of us had to leave and we decided it would be better if it was Steph. I can play the record live, I composed the music in front of the piano. It started to click when I did the Breakbot remix alone–it was becoming weird, I mean what’s the point of making a song and sending him the MP3s for approval? That’s not normal. I mean, it’s not his fault either, it’s just the way things worked out.”

– Vito De Luca, telling Juno why his production partner (Stephen Fasano) left Aeroplane

Aeroplane Late July Mix by Aeroplane (Official)