DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Dean Blunt, “Road 2 Redemption”

Dean Blunt - "Road 2 Redemption"

Dean Blunt - "Road 2 Redemption" Dean Blunt has shared a new track that’s not on his next solo album, The Redeemer. Like the previously shared “Papi,”  the frost-bitten synths and quivering melodies of “Road 2 Redemption” reveal a more vulnerable side of the singer/producer, one that’s rarely popped up in the walking art projects of Hype Williams. Or as his publicist promised earlier this year, “This is undoubtedly Blunt’s most romantic collection of compositions, but it’s a love that dwells in nightmares as well as in dreams. The listener becomes the character in Blunt’s unflattering romance, receiving scorned voicemail messages and whispers from lovers…Sonically and lyrically, The Redeemer captures the essence of modern romance: delusional, infatuated and all-consuming.”

Check out “Road 2 Redemption” below, and look out for The Redeemer on May 1st.