DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Factory Floor and Dave Sitek Remix Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels Project

Photo courtesy of How to Destroy Angels

Photo courtesy of How to Destroy Angels

Whether you think Trent Reznor’s wasting his time in How to Destroy Angels or are fine living without a new Nine Inch Nails LP in the near future, the following remix is essential listening. That’s because it’s by former s/t cover stars Factory Floor, a trio that knows how to make live techno loops sound absolutely transcendent. Dave Sitek also tackled the track last month, with a bass-heavy rendition that sounds like a slo-mo edit of an old TV on the Radio instrumental.

As for the original version, it’s available in video form below as well. You can also snag the 12” pressing of the quartet’s entire An omen_ EP on November 13th…

How to Destroy Angels - 'An Omen' EP

How to Destroy Angels, An omen_ EP (Columbia, November 13th):
1. Keep it together
2. Ice age
3. On the wing
4. The sleep of reason produces monsters
5. The loop closes
6. Speaking in tongues