DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Forest Swords’ BBC 6 Mix

We’re still waiting for a proper LP from Forest Swords–one of our favorite finds from last year–but in the meantime we’ll take yet another mix from the mysterious producer. Check out the tracklisting after the jump (via Abeano Music).

Forest Swords, BBC 6 Music Mix:

Oneohtrix Point Never – Stress Waves

Echo Lake – In Dreams

Siobhán Donaghy – Medevac

Demdike Stare – Caged In Stammheim


oOoOO – Burnout Eyess


Lil’ Kim – Lighters Up


Julian Lynch – Rancher


Women – Group Transport Hall


Pariah – Detroit Falls


Kenickie – Come Out 2 NiteFIERCE PANDA


King Tubby – Flight Of Africa Dub


J Dilla – Two Can Win