DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: King Midas Sound’s Kiki Hitomi Covers Crystal Waters Over a Ricardo Villalobos Beat

While Kiki Hitomi got our sign of approval a while ago, the King Midas Sound vocalist just earned a couple extra points by posting a killer cover of the Crystal Waters classic “Gypsy Woman.” Not just any old rendition, either; we’re talking about freshly filtered vocals set atop the steady pulse of Ricardo Villalobos’  “Lugom-ix” single. Grab it below, alongside the DUMMY mix it’s taken from…

King Midas Sound, DUMMY Mix 94:
1. Swanlights (Oneohtrix Point Never edit) / Antony and the Johnsons
2. N.L.T. / Sunn O))) & Boris
3. 69th Street Bridge/ John Carpenter
4. 07 Untitled / Hype Williams + ‘Can’t say I love U’ Kiki revoice
5. Lean Boot (Version) / Richie Davis + ‘Army of One’ Kiki revoice
6. Rumble Dub / King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy + ‘ My Sweetest Vampire’ Kiki revoice
7. Vanghoma / Tiyiselani Vomaseve + Alien revoice
8. Lugom-ix / Ricardo Villalobos + ‘Gypsy Woman’ Kiki revoice
9. Keep Your Distance /Amon Tobin + ‘Walking On Gilded Splinters’ Kiki revoice
10. Gris Gris Gumbo Yaya / Dr. John
11. Beware / Death Grips + ‘Pain under the blue sky’ Kiki revoice
12. Wonderland / Black Chow
13. Free press and curl / Shabazz Palaces
14. Giant Squid / Zongamin + ‘Catch a Fire riot mix’ Kiki revoice
15. Leaf House / Animal Collective
16. Tuk Tuk / OLAibi
17. Jamming (edit) / Black Roots Players + ‘‘Living in the dream Dub’ Kiki HItomi
18. Variation of Birds / The Knife
19. Lonely Star / The Weeknd
20. Dying butterfly – Can
21. Hater / Dj Rupture vs Filastine + ‘Earth A Kill Ya’ Kiki revoice
22. Sparrou-Amedito / Robert A.A. Lowe