DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: LA Vampires + Octo Octa, “Wherever Boy”

[XLR8R] Amanda Brown’s LA Vampires project has announced its latest collaborative EP, a 12” featuring her 100% Silk label mate Octo Octa. While it’s much more club-ready than Brown’s previous work with Matrix Metals, Ital and Zola Jesus, it’s still strange enough to warrant a double take or, in the case of “Wherever Boy,” a survey of your speakers to make sure the signal’s not scrambled. Grab one free MP3 in the above player, or head down below for the video version of “Freedom 2K.”

‘LA Vampires By Octo Octa’ hits shops next Tuesday through 100% Silk. Check out an exclusive mix from Amanda Brown and her husband/Not Not Fun co-founder Britt here.