DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Pig Destroyer’s Relapse Podcast

J.R. Hayes of Pig Destroyer @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple
J.R. Hayes of Pig Destroyer @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple
Photo: Andrew Parks

It’s not exactly Merry Christmas music, but if you’re looking to start your week with a boot to the skull, we can’t think of a better place than J.R. Hayes’ new podcast for Relapse Records, a 20-track survey of the Pig Destroyer frontman’s favorite tracks from the label, including everything from Neurosis to Nasum…

J.R.’s picks:
Benumb – “Stuck Pig”
Deceased – “Night of the Deceased”
Phobia – “Internal Rot”
Enemy Soil – “Sentencing”
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – “Ex-Cop”
Flesh Parade – “King Kobra”
Nasum – “Scoop”
Halo – “Meat”
Today is the Day – “The Man Who Loved To Hurt Himself”
Brutal Truth – “Dead Smart”
Weekend Nachos  – “If You Come Near”
Unsane – “Sick”
Deadhorse – “Like Asrielle”
Neurosis – “Locust Star”
Disfear – “Get It Off”
Blood Duster – “Pornstorestiffi”
Nile – “Beneath Eternal Oceans of Sand”
Misery Index – “Conquistadores”
Dying Fetus – “Epidemic of Hate”
Suffocation – “Human Waste”

New Music from Relapse Block:
Red Fang – “Crows in Swine”
Blockheads – “Famine”
Call of the Void – “Failure”
Wolvserpent – “II”