DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Pocketknife, ‘Extra Alchemy II’ Mix

Via Pocketknife:

The darker days of the year are here again and as the leaves fall in the woods, the bonfires are lit for warmth and ritual, a new installment of the EXTRA ALCHEMY series. A collection of witched out radiophonics, pagan pop, mystical dance tunes, and haunted sound collages to set the mood. As usual for EXTRA ALCHEMY no soundtracks were used, just murky gurgling tunes pulled from the darkness. Happy Halloween!

Check out the complete tracklisting below…

Pocketknife – EXTRA ALCHEMY 2 Mix:
Chris Watson “Cime Verde”
AC/DC “Hells Bells”
Jane Weaver “Noctilumina”
Broadcast and the Focus Group “Let It Begin/Oh Joy”
Oratai ” Closetspace”
Holy Other “Nothing Here”
Jane Weaver/Demdike Stare “A Circle and A Star Part 1B”
Shackleton “Dipping”
Jon Hassell “Before And After Charm (la notte)”
The Haxan Cloak “In Memorium”
Liars “Flood To Flood”
Cut Hands “Impassion”
The Haxan Cloak “Hounfour (Temple)”
Jacaszek “Dare-gale”
Andy Stott “Execution”
Gray “Drum Mode”
Apparat “Goodbye”
The Dark Sky Singers “The Harrowing”
Liars “Ill Valley Prodigies”
Masaki Batoh “Ebb”
Thought Broadcast “Ten Toes Down”
David Orphan “Hannah Henley”
Her “Finger Symbols”
The Eccentric Research Council “1612 Underture”
Howlround “Part 2 – The Resonating Stairwell”