DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Roni Size’s BBC Essential Mix From 1997

Now that our new issue is done, we’re already knee deep into the next–a year-end package that’ll arrive in December. So with that and many late nights in mind, the s/t office decided to revisit our drum ‘n’ bass days with an ‘electronica’-era mix from Roni Size. Check it, along with a complete tracklisting…

Roni Size, BBC Essential Mix 1997:
Roni Size – “Jazzy” (V)
Roni Size – “Sharday” (Dub Plate)
3 Way – “Sargent General” (Dope Dragon)
Scorpio – “Break Beat Terror” (Full Cycle)
Scorpio – “Li Li” (V)
untitled – “Bass Game [Roni Size Remix]” (Dope On Plastic)
UFO – “The Planet Plan [DJ Die Remix]” (Talkin Loud)
DJ Die – “On Time” (V)
DJ Krust – “Going Nowhere” (Full Cycle)
artist unknown – “Santa Cruz [DJ Krust Remix]” (white label)
Gang – “Rukus” (Dope Dragon)
Scorpio – “Life Forever” (Full Cycle)
Roni Size/Reprazent – “Hi Potent” (Talkin Loud)
Scorpio – “Break Beat Era” (Full Cycle)
TLA Rock – “It’s Your” (white label)
Big Daddy – “Detrain” (Cold Chillin)
Sucker DJ – “Dimples” (Accedela)
Run DMC – “Sucker MC’s” (Def Jam)
Jimmy Spicer – “Doller Bill” (white label)
James Brown – “Funky Drummer” (white label)
Yellow Magic Orchestra – “untitled” (white label)
DJ Krust – “Soul In Motion” (Full Cycle)
DJ Krust – “Future Unknown” (Talkin Loud)
artist unknown – “Cathy [Roni Size Remix]” (V)
Die – “War And Peace” (white label)
Roni Size/Reprazent – “Brown Paper Bag” (Talkin Loud)