DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Shit Robot’s ‘Pure Shit’ Mix

Of all the secret weapons that James Murphy deployed at LCD Soundsystem’s last show Shit Robot was certainly one of the most interesting. While the veteran DJ had already unveiled his ambitious live show at the band’s Terminal 5 run, he literally seemed to drop out of the sky at Madison Square Garden, as he rounded out the edges–in full-on Space Odyssey gear, mind you–on a Kraut-y rendition of Murphy’s running-around-the-moon record, “45:33.”

Check out some video of that, and Shit Robot’s hour-long “Pure Shit” mix after the jump…

Shit Robot, Pure Shit Mix:
1. Shit Robot – “Simple Things (Work It Out)” (Todd Terje remix) – (DFA)
2. Chicken Lips – “Feast of Freaks” (Kotey’s Tape Edit) – (Lipservice)
3. Suburban Knight – “The Groove” – (Transmat)
4. Black Meteoric Star – “Death Tunnel” – (DFA)
5. X-Ray – “Let’s Go” – (Transmat)
6. Crazy P – “Love on the Line” (Unabombers Remix) – (20:20 Vision)
7. Bangkok Impact – “Premature Ejaculation” – (Crème Organization)
8. Joris Voorn – “Sweep the Floor” – (Rejected)
9. Cobblestone Jazz – “Traffic Jam” – (Wagon Repair)
10. Crazy P – “Stop Space Return” (Unabomber Dub) – (20:20 Vision)
11. Shit Robot – “Simple Things (Work It Out)” – (DFA)