DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Spectrum Spools’ Summer Mixtape, Featuring Forthcoming Material From Steve Moore and Fabric

How Spectrum Spools gets down apparently

How Spectrum Spools gets down apparently

Via Soundcloud:

Summer mixtape for yours truly w/fried synth, XperiMental, and upcoming jams – download while you can. Part 2 coming soon.

Track listing as follows:

Matsu Ohno – “Extragalactic and Intergalactic Space” from “I Saw the Outer Limits” (1978)
Charles Amirkhanian – “Walking Tune” excerpt (1986)
Basile Felix – “Psychotique” from “Disparition” (1979)
Michel Redolfi – “Music for Fresh Water” excerpt from “Sonic Waters” (1984)
Steve Moore – “Planetwalk” (unmastered) from forthcoming Spectrum Spools LP (2013)
Donato Dozzy and Nuel – “Untitled” (2009)
Robert Ashley – “Automatic Writing” excerpt from “Automatic Writing” (1979)
Pulse Emitter – “Nebula” from “Spiritual Vistas” (2011)
Douglas Leedy – “White Landscape” from “Entropical Paradise” (1968)
Laurie Spiegel – “Modal Pieces III: A Myth” excerpt from “Obsolete Systems” (1983)
Henning Christiansen – “Kreuzmusik Fluxid Behandlung Op.189” excerpt (1989)
Division – “Raesar” from “Comrade Radio” (1990)
Fabric – “From One Corner to Another” (unmastered) from upcoming Spectrum Spools LP (2013)

Check out more from Spectrum Spools–the Editions Mego imprint of Emeralds expatriate John Elliott–here.