DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Three Mixes From KIM of The Presets

KIM's the one on the right

From Modular:

While The Presets are in studio hibernation, they’re being anything but dormant. Songs are coming together in a steady stream and release plans are coming together.

While they’re bunkered down in the studios, Kim from the band wanted to share something for fans to enjoy, so he put together a mix of minimal musical treats he’s been enjoying listening to lately.

Check it out below along with two other older mixes–an “ode to synthesizers, prog and all things chill” and “13 chunks of exclusive and banging club tunes”…

Modcast #36:
Front 242 – “Sample D” (Aerial Version)
Tangerine Dream – “Sunset Drive”
Fennesz + Sakamoto – “Mono”
Ramases – “Earth People”
Nils Frahm – “Ambre”
Black to Comm – “Trapez”
K. Leimer – “Shallows”
Yello – “Massage”
Myles Heskett, Chris Ross and Kim Moyes – “Untitled 1” (Demo Version)
Alva Noto – “Monophaser 2”
Aphex Twin – “#5”
Myles Heskett, Chris Ross and Kim Moyes – “Untitled 2” (Demo Version)

Modcast #38:
Tiga – “What You Need (Kim Remix)”
Dinamics – “Music More Than A Passion A Drug (Kim Remix)”
Tony Rohr, “John Selway – Daves Ghost”
Via Tania – “Fields (Kim Remix)”
Thrill Cosby – “Oogity Boogity”
Hell – “You Can Dance (Carl Craig Remix 2)” (feat. Bryan Ferry)
Mike Mind – “Resonate (Kebacid Remix)”
House Of House – “Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Remix)”
Psychonauts – “Take Control (Naum Gabo Remix)”
ATOM TM – “Wellen und Felder II”
Yello – “Bostich”
Andre Lodemann – “Vehemence Of Silence (Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective)”
Jonathan K – “Someone Out There (Kim Remix)”

Modcast #78:
1. Crowdpleaser – My Grandmother Could Tell You That
2. Future Beat Alliance – Regurgitate
3. Lifelike – Motion
4. Phil Kieran – Odd Ball
5. Style Of Eye – Dry – Zombie Disco Squad Remix
6. Skwerl – ‘Best I Can Do’ featuring Paul Randolph
7. Lee Curtiss – I Can Hear You Arthur
8. Say Yes to Another Excess – The Cave
9. Villa Nah – Running ON (Kebacid Remix)
10. Flowers and Sea Creatures – A.M (Ewan Pearson Re-Edit)