DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Voigt & Voigt, “Der Keil NRW”

Voigt & Voigt's new album

Voigt & Voigt's new album Kompakt celebrated their 20th (!) birthday today by sharing a track from the new Voigt & Voigt album, Die zauberhafte Welt der Anderen. Not quite the minimal techno extravaganza you’d expect, it seems to take its title (translation: “The Magical World of Others”) very seriously, whipping up a sonic world that’s inspired by the “higher and lower brows of auteur film culture.” That much is clear on “Der Keil NRW,” a standout single that drives its point home with delirious vocals, washed-out power chords and diamond-edged drum loops.

Grab it below, and check out the label’s 20th anniversary sale here.