DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Z-Trip, “All Access: A Beastie Boys Megamix”

Years before Girl Talk stumbled upon the crowd-pleasing capabilities of Garage Band, DJ Z-Trip showed us how it’s done on Uneasy Listening. Easily one of the greatest mix CDs of all time, it’s one of the few “mashup” records we can actually stomach years later–a turntable-driven tour of Rush, Depeche Mode, Metallica, the Pharcyde, Kurtis Blow, and enough A-list artists to score a serious session of Name That Song.

We haven’t kept up with what Z-Trip’s done in the decade since his one magnum opus, but the s/t office couldn’t help but blast the following 23-minute mix the second it dropped via Twitter. A thorough look at the entire Beastie Boys catalog, it’s exactly what we wanted to hear after the trio revealed the return-to-form that is Hot Sauce Committee Part Two