Fink, “Fall Into the Light (Prequel Tapes Remix)”

Fink - 'Fall Into the Light'

“It allows you to be more extreme,” Fink frontman Fin Greenall told Ransom Note recently, referring to his adopted home Berlin. “It definitely inspired me to open up and think, ‘If you’re gonna make an ambient record, make it really fuckin’ ambient.'”

That’s one way of looking at this month’s Horizontalism LP, a funhouse mirror rendition of last year’s Hard Believer record that embraces the city’s dub and experimental side full-on, leaving vocal lines and the trio’s traditional singer-songwriter setup hanging in the balance like trails of smoke and fire.

And if that’s not abstract enough for you, there’s always the Fall Into the Light EP that Greenall is releasing through his Ninja Tune imprint (R’COUP’D) on June 1st. The title track gets taken down three very different paths here, including a long Prequel Tapes take that never quite resolves itself over the course of 10 dizzying minutes.

Or as Greenall put it, “The Prequel Tapes remix just 12 minutes of analogue noise. It’s really really really awesome, the best remix I’ve ever commissioned. That’s the great thing about having your own imprint: You can do what you want.”

Check out a tighter video edit in the #selftitledpremiere above and the entire thing over at Ransom Note.