Four Tet Revisits Percussions Alias With Two New 12” Singles

Four Tet continues to be on a tear with his Text imprint, chasing the Terror Danjah collab he dropped a few months back with not one but two 12-inches from his Percussions alias. With just one single cut under that name in 2012, it’s certainly promising to hear that the producer will have four new tracks out by the end of the month. Here’s a dizzying taste of “Blatant Water Cannon” along with the project’s last release. Judging by Four Tet’s productivity over the past couple years, we wouldn’t be surprised if a Percussions LP dropped before the summer’s over…


A. Percussions, “Ascii Bot”
B. Percussions, “Blatant Water Cannon”


A. Percussions,”KHLHI”
B. Percussions, “Sext”