Franz Ferdinand Post Cryptic Studio Video

Remember Franz Ferdinand? Not the Archduke of Austria, silly–the band! Well, the Scottish quartet is currently working on its third LP, the follow-up to 2005’s surprisingly overlooked You Could Have It So Much Better. The following 47-second video doesn’t say much but it does give fans a slight idea of what they might expect on the effort.

“The new album’s been going alright, we’re about halfway through,” drummer Paul Thomson recently told “Everything’s written, but we’re giving ourselves a bit of time in case something comes up at the last minute … The last record was a bit rushed, we got straight off the tour bus and locked ourselves in the studio, and I think that’s reflected in the furious tempo. This record will be a bit more easy going, I think.”

Easy going, huh? You be the judge after the jump …

“Under the Stage”