Good Fuck Share Time-Lapse Tour Diary

Featuring the flip phone footage of Silver Jews' David Berman
Good Fuck
Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc, Owls) and Jenny Pulse's (Spa Moans) latest Good Fuck video captures the tedium of a three-week tour with four dizzying, Groundhog Day-like minutes of gas runs, lonesome hotel rooms, and live footage filmed by former Silver Jews frontman David Berman on his "Purple Rain Flip Phone". Check out Kinsella's director's commentary below, along with a couple other singles from the duo's glitter-dusted electro-pop debut, which is set to hit shops through Joyful Noise on February 22nd....
This is a time-lapse diary of three weeks on tour. Once shooting started, I missed one gas station, one bed, and the first three shows, but other than that, all of the representative repetitive actions of tour are threaded together sequentially. It's shot on my phone and edited in iMovie.

The only additional element came from David Berman, as if floated down to me by the fates. We had two days off and rented a kinda-cabin in the kinda-woods to edit this. And I woke up the day before this editing was set to begin with four emails from Berman—who had never emailed me before—with all this processed footage that he shot at our Chicago show before we left town.

The song itself is about self-reliance, finding contentment, and self-acceptance. Haha. Actually it's just about self-pleasure.