Greg Dulli Gives Us a Gutter Twins Preview

THE GUTTER TWINS: Just take the fucking picture, will you?

[Photo by Sam Holden]

Saturnalia, the God-fearing debut of The Gutter Twins (a.k.a. Greg Dulli and his fearsome on-again/off-again Twilight Singers collaborator Mark Lanegan), is still a few weeks away from hitting record stores but the dream college rock pairing is previewing the LP tonight at New York’s Bowery Ballroom.

Here’s what Greg Dulli had to say when we asked him what’ll make the Twins’ upcoming tour any different from a Twilight affair …

“We’re going to play the entire album, as well as material from both of our respective careers in the encore. In fact, we will have no problem doing two hours if we want to.”

As for his thoughts on Saturnalia‘s final mix, Dulli says, “You know what man? I love it. It’s phenomenal–exactly what we set out to do. Whenever we started to go into one of our comfort zones, the other guy would throw a bucket of cold water on him and say, ‘Snap out of it, boy.’ Neither of us would have done this alone. It’s unique to the two personalities involved. I really think the Gutter Twins will be something we do until we’re dead.”

And what was it like working with Lanegan, easily one of the most intense, mercurial rock musicians of the past two decades?

“I can see how some people find it hard to get close to him,” explains Dulli. “I don’t know him that way, though. I only know him as this funny, engaging person that’s contemplative and lost in his thoughts frequently. Like he’ll belooking out the window but you can tell the gears are turning. It’s been my pleasure to be Mark’s friend, let alone be in a band with him.”

Be sure to check back here tomorrow morning for a full report from the show, including photos.

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