Hot Chip Headline Sublime First Avenue Show

Spreading the power of positivity 
Words + Photos ANDREW PARKS

It's hard to think of a record we've had on repeat more than Hot Chip this year. And not just because the London group's seventh LP is arguably their catchiest since forming nearly 20 years ago. Aside from being a sterling example of what the underground dance scene lost when co-producer Philippe Zdar (also of Cassius) died in a fluke accident earlier this summer, A Bath Full of Ecstasy is exactly that: a balmy, much-needed break from the negativity and noise that consumes our current affairs.

Hooks that heal.

They hold up beautifully onstage, too. Here are a handful of shots from last Saturday's First Avenue show in Minneapolis, which started with extended versions of "Huarache Lights" and "One Life Stand," and included everything from a caustic Beastie Boys cover to such welcome new material as "Hungry Child," "Positive," and "Melody of Love." Also of note if you're looking for a little more semi-related listening: this exclusive Alexis Taylor mix of heady gospel, folk, and soul tunes...
Huarache Lights
One Life Stand
Night & Day
Bath Full of Ecstasy
Hungry Child
And I Was a Boy From School
Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
Over and Over
Melody of Love
Ready for the Floor

Made in the Dark
I Feel Better