Ian Chang On… Son


One release that I had on repeat this year is Son (Carrying Colour) by Rosie Lowe and Duval Timothy. Like many others, I spent most of 2021 at home, and this album was a peaceful and meditative companion to being in an enclosed private space.

On an emotional level, it definitely helped me sit with the baseline level of anxiety that comes with living through an ever-evolving and unfolding pandemic reality. I also gravitated to the heavily choral palette of this album because I spent most days this year working on instrumental or beat-driven music, so this was always a welcome reprieve for my ears.

Ian Chang’s latest album with Son Lux, the sprawling triple LP ‘Tomorrows’, is now available through City Slang. Stream it in full below via Bandcamp, along with Chang’s last solo LP ‘属 Belonging’.