Kayla Painter Reveals Ambient Zoon van snooK Remix

Watch the world premiere of its woozy video here 
Rather than rely on Zoon van snooK's original piano recordings, Kayla Painter's new "Cusco" remix elevates the moving piece to another plane entirely. Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space, caught in a constellation between celestial harmonies, sustained strings, and a glitchy IDM groove coated in a thin layer of ice, slowing its ambient chords to a crawl.

"I wanted to create a meandering, climbing track," explains Painter, "using the original sounds and a unique palette that takes the listener on a journey, much like a gentle frosty climb into the mountains."

As for the song's video, animator/director Sam Wisternoff says he furthered "the themes for the video I created for Zoon van snooK's original track, going deeper and woozier into the motif of insomnia, memories and grief."

Compare and contrast the two clips below, right alongside a complete stream of Zoon van snooK's Se•pa•ra•ción album, which is now available on Lo Recordings....