Leyland Kirby Announces Limited White Label Series, Digital Subscription Service, and Two New Caretaker Albums

Leyland Kirby has suddenly emerged from hiding and shared his plans for the year. First up: the debut volume of a four-part white label series called Intrigue & Stuff. Available now in a clear vinyl pressing from Boomkat, it’ll soon land at such domestic shops as Aquarius Records and Forced Exposure. We hear it’s truly bizarre–six slices of “retro futurism” that are nothing like the slow, debilitating decay of Kirby’s last record, Sadly the Future Is No Longer What It Was.

As for what else he has in store, Kirby has also promised a new LP under his own name (Eager To Tear Apart the Stars), along with two albums from his Caretaker alias (An Empty Bliss Upon This World and the soundtrack to a Grant Gee documentary called Patience). You can check out some track listings and album art after the jump, and snag one of 500 digital subscriptions–a drive to fund even more music–to all of Kirby’s 2011 releases here

Leyland Kirby, Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 1:
1. Video 2000
2. Re-Record not fade away
3. Neon lit atoms
4. Live for the future, long for the past
5. Low entropy
6. Ruined visions

The Caretaker, An Empty Bliss Beyond This World:
Tracklist TBD