LISTEN: DJ Shadow Shares a Sampler of Early MPC Productions

DJ Shadow - 'Total Breakdown' cover art

Anyone who misses the dust-clogged, crate-clearing golden age of early DJ Shadow productions will be happy to hear that he’s announced a compilation of rare and unreleased material from 1992-1996. Dubbed Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From the MPC Era, it’s due out on August 15th and available for pre-order through the producer’s Web store now.

“I like to follow up new material with a tastefully-done archival project,” Shadow said in a statement. “As long as the old stuff is given a context and doesn’t overshadow the new, I think it’s a healthy exercise for me, and one that re-calibrates me for whatever new musical path lies ahead. I think it’s important to revisit where you’ve been occasionally so that you can determine where to go.”

Check out the complete tracklisting below, and read our lengthy Shadow interview here

DJ Shadow - 'Total Breakdown' cover art

DJ Shadow, Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From the MPC Era (Reconstruction Productions, August 15th):
1. Intropy (Original Version)
2. Vee In Detroit
3. Dreams Of A Piece
4. The Not-So-Quiet Storm
5. Fast Rap Fanfare
6. Intensely Hitting
7. Mystical With Solo
8. Alright
9. Don’t Try It
10. From The Old School
11. Freddi’s Popcorn
12. Quickstep
13. Movin’ On (Gab Demo 1)
14. Falling Up
15. Mellow But Chunky
16. Total Breakdown (Gab Demo 2)
17. Heavy Mood
18. Affectations
19. Perilous Journey (Gab Demo 3)
20. Aye
21. Brittle But Magic
22. Atmospheric Disturbances
23. Swimming Upstream (Gab Demo 4)
24. Up For Grabs (Outro) Bonus Tracks:
25. Give Up The Drums
26. Slow Poke
27. Vortex