Marching Church
“King of Song”

Marching Church


Elias Bender Rønnenfelt has shared the latest single from his first proper Marching Church album, a playful anti-pop tune featuring quivering strings, bold horn blasts and a rubbery bass line. Here’s what the Iceage frontman had to say about the song, narcissism and fame in a Dazed interview with White Lung singer/recent self-titled contributor Mish Way:

It’s very interesting that I’ve managed to become this personality. Idol or clown, sometimes I’m not sure, and the fact that there’s people out there conspiring over me gives me a platform to play with that. But at large I just focus on being myself as I would have been whether Russian teenagers cared about me or not.

Marching Church are set to play a handful of record release shows next month in Brooklyn and LA, including dates with Drew McDowall (ex-Coil/Psychic TV) and a Pharmakon side project called Cheena. Here’s the breakdown, along with a streaming version of his new jam:

Marching Church tour dates:
4/3 Brooklyn, NY – Undisclosed Location #
4/4 Brooklyn, NY – The Acheron ^
4/7 Los Angeles, CA – Jewel’s Catch One *

# with Drew McDowall
^ with Cheeng
* with Gun Outfit