LISTEN: Oneohtrix Point Never, “Stone of Spiritual Understanding”

Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never has shared a track from his side of next week’s NNA Tapes split with Rene Hell. Here’s how he describes the tweaked version of last year’s Reliquary House performance at New York’s Museum of Modern Art:

Music For Reliquary house consists of reworked audio from the Reliquary House performance — a collaboration with sculptor and video artist Nate Boyce that envisions the modernist sculptures of David Smith, Anthony Caro, Isamu Noguchi, and Tony Smith as a series of hallucinatory informatic assaults. It was performed on December 17th at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In it’s original incarnation, musical segments were coupled with anecdotal pieces consisting of hyperbolic infoscapes which provide morphed biographical detail on each sculptor. For the purpose of the 12″, I stripped out the narrative sections, tweaked the mixes and added new instrumentation.The pieces were created using a combination of virtual and hardware synthesizers and romplers, as well as processed text-to-speech recordings. This record does not contain any outsourced samples.

Stream “Stone of Spiritual Understanding” below, alongside its source material and an excerpt from Hell’s own five-part piece…

Oneohtrix Point Never, Music For Reliquary House (NNA Tapes, September 18th):
1. Stone of Spiritual Understanding (Noguchi)
2. Midday (Caro)
3. Free Ride (Tony Smith)
4 Cubi X (D. Smith)
5. The Letter (D. Smith)