LISTEN: The Presets, “Ghosts”

The Presets have shared yet another single from their new album Pacifica. Here’s the story behind the song “Ghosts,” via frontman Julian Hamilton:

We performed in Columbia and heard all this awesome merengue music there. I got home all inspired to write something really fast, so I built this quick merengue groove. Then I added these rough string chords and starting singing over the top. Pretty instantly the “Ghosts” vocal melody just popped out, but it felt more half-time, almost like a rollicking sea shanty. So that’s where the lyrics kind of come from–a song about traveling the high seas and having new adventures that can be related to modern times. I guess a little autobiographical…about a guy who travels the world performing music and partying, then getting home at the end of it all. And while he reminisces about the good times, the bad times, and all the decisions he made, he realizes that none of it necessarily needs to affect the journeys he makes tomorrow. I hope the overall feeling is one of hope, of strength and of fun–being able to move forward with confidence in life, unburdened by the ghosts of our own pasts.

Modular Recordings will release Pacifica on September 11th in the U.S. Pre-order the domestic vinyl pressing here.