LIVE PHOTOS: The Creators Project, F/ A$AP Rocky & Spiritualized

Photos by Andrew Parks

As smooth as this past weekend’s Creators Project event was–structurally, not sonically; the outdoor stage sounded godawful and Justice’s headlining set featured the same LCD (lowest common denominator) songs they’ve spun since 2007–two things stood out: A$AP Rocky‘s dedication to entertaining a crowd that clearly didn’t give a damn, and Jonathan Glazer‘s rather incredible reinterpretation of Spiritualized‘s “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space.” More than just a simple art installation, it felt like the virtual embodiment of exactly what J. Spaceman was feeling when he wrote one of the greatest heroin-haunted anthems of all time. If only the rest of the program had found a way to fuse art and music that powerfully.

Here are a few more shots that capture what we mean…