LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Barn Owl, ‘Lost In the Glare’

The Artist/Album: Barn Owl, Lost In the Glare (Thrill Jockey, 2011)

The Reason(s) We Can’t Stop Listening: While Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras seem to release a new solo record every couple months—or in some cases, every couple weeks—Barn Owl’s latest full-length may be their finest hour yet. With their windswept sound now rounded out by organ drones, ungodly gongs, death march drums and mangled tape manipulations, the Bay Area duo’s arrived at a wildly expressive sound that can easily switch between charred power chords (the Sunn O)))-like “The Darkest Night Since 1683”) and majestic flourishes of moonlit melodies and feedback (“Light Echoes”). Definitely a contender for our year-end charts.

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