LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Biosphere, ‘N-Plants’

The Artist/Album: Biosphere, N-Plants (Touch, 2011)

The Reason(s) We Can’t Stop Listening: The story behind the steam-pressed, ambient-prone beats of Biosphere’s latest album is a chilling one–after stumbling upon an old nuclear power plant photo from an area just outside Tokyo, the producer decided to “make a soundtrack to some of [Japan’s plants], concentrating on the architecture, design and localizations, but also questioning the potential radiation danger…Are they safe when it comes to earthquakes and tsunamis?”

A month after N-Plants was finished, the country suffered one of its most devastating natural disasters, an earthquake/tsunami pairing that left many people wondering about the long term effects of the nuclear power plant damage nearby. Not that any of this back story is necessary to appreciate Biosphere’s winding passages and lattice-like loops. They’re compelling with or without any context.

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