LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Black Breath, ‘Sentenced to Life’

Black Breath- 'Sentenced to Life'

Black Breath- 'Sentenced to Life'The Artist/Album: Black Breath, Sentenced to Life (Southern Lord, 2012)

Our Review: The cover of Black Breath’s second album–an unidentified flying hammer to the face–says it all. Immaculately produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, Sentenced to Life doesn’t take a breather until the chiming opening chords of its fifth track (“Endless Corpse”), and even that explodes in a grime death-metal gallop a minute later. If you’re like us and miss the heyday of hardcore, this record is a must, a rush of blood to the head made all the more potent by its evenly separated extremism and keen grasp of how to not infuse every gutter-crawling groove with actual hooks.

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