LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Ingenting Kollektiva, ‘Fragments of Night’

Ingenting Kollektiva - Fragments of Night

Ingenting Kollektiva - Fragments of NightThe Artist/Album: Ingenting Kollektiva, Fragments of Night (Invisible Birds, 2011)

Our Review: As pretentious as Ingenting Kollektiva’s mission statement–”to issue recordings that are meditations on the quality of light, sound and atmosphere created by Ingmar Bergman and Sven Nykvist“–appears to be, there’s no denying the deep listening that’s on display here. Rather than present a series of sketches or loose experimental recordings, each side of this limited LP (available here) is essentially ‘directed’ by two of the collective’s members, bringing rain-chased field recordings, a portable 78 player, queasy brass and string arrangments, and a bowed Tibetan prayer bowl together under the premise of 20-minute pieces that sound like they’re veering between various weather patterns. Adding to the prevailing atmosphere of dread and damaged beauty is a strong visual aesthetic that extends to the group’s photography and videos.

Hear a mix of what we mean below, along with a few highly conceptual A/V clips…