LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Mount Eerie, ‘Clear Moon’

Mount Eerie - 'Clear Moon' cover art

Mount Eerie - 'Clear Moon' cover artThe Artist/Album: Mount Eerie, Clear Moon (P.W. Elverum & Sun, May 22nd)

Our Review: The less experimental–in Phil Elverum’s estimation, at least–of two planned Mount Eerie LPs this year, Clear Moon is still about as twisted as a ‘singer-songwriter’ record gets in 2012. Especially around the midway point, as majestic synth melodies collide with drunken horns and skittish drums on “Lone Bell” and the more progressive side of the black-metal spectrum is channeled amid the doom-y distortion, charred cymbals and chilling chorus lines of “Over Dark Water.” Other moments display signs of shimmering beauty despite being somewhat sinister, like the way droning keys wash over “The Place I Live” or the album’s towering title track seems to signal a death march off into the pale moonlight.

Look out for part two of what may be a masterpiece in September: Ocean Roar, a record Elverum describes as “going deeper into the fog and wall of noise, still asking, half remembering a dream of a midnight road trip to the ocean from 20 years ago.”

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