LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Murk, ‘House Masters’

Murk - 'House Masters'The Artist/Album: Murk, House Masters (Defected, 2012)

Our Review: We stumbled upon this lengthy (seriously–it’s nearly two and a half hours) compilation while reading Other Music’s weekly newsletter, where Mikey IQ Jones wrote, “I think I may have literally cried out loud when I discovered that this had been released.” Having only a passing understand of house and never heard Murk before–despite their legendary status in the dance music underground, and remixes for Madonna, Debbie Harry, and RuPaul–our immediate response to these 20 deep cuts can be summed up by a sample in the second track: “I’m addicted to drums, and I’m a slave to the dark beat.”

Interested in the stories behind these songs? Check out some of the duo’s virtual liner notes here.

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