LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Peaking Lights, ‘Lucifer’

Peaking Lights - 'Lucifer' album cover

Peaking Lights - 'Lucifer' album cover

The Artist/Album: Peaking Lights, Lucifer (Mexican Summer, 2012)

Our Review: There’s nothing remotely evil about Peaking Lights’ latest record; as the married-with-Mikko duo explains in a press release, the pale blue neon sign that’s plastered across Lucifer‘s sleeve isn’t a shout out to Satan. It’s an allusion to the album title’s other meaning: “‘Venus, bearer of light’…the first sign of the sunrise.” Sure enough, the entire effort–six groove-locked explorations of dub, Krautrock and mid-fi dance music, bookended by a pair of iridescent instrumentals–is the sonic equivalent of spending a week in a hammock on some private, faraway island. Easy, breezy, and just the right shade of experimental.

Available At: Amazon · Insound · iTunes · Mexican Summer

Stream ‘Lucifer’ in full via Spotify below, right alongside the five downloadable mixtapes that Peaking Lights released in the months leading up to the record’s release…