LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Ricardo Donoso, ‘Progress Chance’

Ricardo Donoso - Progress ChanceThe Artist/Album: Ricardo Donoso, Progress Chance (Digitalis, 2011)

Our Review: Like the Field before him, Ricardo Donoso eliminates the cheese factor from break-of-dawn dance music–in his case, Goa and Scandinavian trance–and ends up with an emotional core that’s much deeper than anything you’ll hear at most dance clubs. Donoso’s sound is much darker, however, forsaking the Field’s varying degrees of ecstasy for hints of disappointment and dread, which isn’t that surprising when you consider the producer’s other gig: trying to keep up with all the time changes in the experimental death-metal band Ehnahre. Ominous overtones aside, Progress Chance is a much more sedate listen than Donoso’s other side project, the noise duo Perispirit. In fact, the only hint of harshness here is in the wispy waves of distortion that lurk at the very edges of “Morning Criminal,” a centerpiece that seems to mimic the mixed feelings one gets when the sun comes up and sleep is no longer an option.

Available At: Bandcamp · Forced Exposure