LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound, ‘The Iron Soul of Nothing’

The Artist/Album: Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound, The Iron Soul of Nothing (Ideologic Organ, 2011)

A Short Review: Like a fog slowly wrapping its tendrils around a slow-moving car, Nurse With Wound‘s surgically enhanced version of Sunn O)))’s ØØ Void record takes its sweet time building a creeping, pervasive sense of dread before bursting into flames three tracks, and more than 35 minutes, in. Scream/Goatsnake vocalist Pete Stahl also enters the proceedings around this point, muttering something about “ash on the trees” as om-chanting monks close a circle around him and the ravaged riffs of Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley.

A masterful piece of macerated minimalism, rounded out by brief, cloud-parting glimpses of hope.

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